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Gambling Problems: Is It Only Men Issues?

Gambling Problems

It is an innate nature of humankind to be willing to take risks that drive modern-day people to indulge in gambling whether it is on slot machines or sports betting. A huge amount of dopamine is being released while taking risks and hence these pleasurable hormones are connected to a person feeling a certain amount of high especially for the ones living a monotonous life devoid of any danger, hence creating a lack of excitement in daily life.

This is the reason why the gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK and in spite of the government taking measures against spreading the news of safe gambling people often tend to find themselves falling prey to addictive gambling tendencies. A study done in the year 2019 shows that in the UK a collective loss of 14 billion pounds has taken place.

The World Health Organisation acknowledged addictive gambling as a disorder and in the year 2016 United Kingdom Gambling Commission estimated up to 340000 citizens are being troubled with this same problem. According to the same report, these problematic gamblers are five times more susceptible to getting addicted than females. Men aged between 25 to 34 years are most likely to be involved in similar problems.

Men and Women Statistics

Although in current statistics, both men and women are falling prey to gambling addiction men are seven and a half times more susceptible to it. In the current situation where the differences between the genders are shortening, the numbers show that there is not much difference between the percentage of men and women indulging in gambling.

66% of all men and 59% of women in the UK have taken part in some sort of gambling including sportsbooks and lottery. It is the personality traits of men that make them more likely to face gambling-related problems falling prey to addictive tendencies. However, acting on impulse is more applicable for men compared to women.

How to Overcome?

The preliminary step punters from the UK are suggested to take is to register themselves at GamStop which is a self-exclusion program powered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission as a step towards public welfare. It comes absolutely free to the people in the UK and is effective in hindering entry into the gambling sites that are registered under the UK government. The casino sites without GamStop exclusion are featured here – and authors update this database on a weekly basis.

Exclusion from accessing such sites often helps in forming a habit that is free from gambling activities which save punters at risk of losing their resources and going bankrupt. The period of self-exclusion can be voluntarily selected by the registered punter, from a minimum of six months to a maximum of five years which can be further extended. Similar other measures can we take into self exclude and cultivate a habit of gambling free lifestyle.

Addicted gamblers can also reach out to forums such as GamCare and GamBan to seek guidance on how to fight compulsive gambling. These forums are devised to provide expert advice to addicted gamblers. Punters registered under these exclusion schemes may still opt for casinos operating under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar to keep playing. These sites are not under the UKGC and hence can be accessed by the UK players.

Reasons Behind Men Being More Addictive

  • The personality traits. The likelihood of men falling prey to gambling addiction comes from the nature that makes men more hedonistic leading them to act stubborn and brag. A desire to look manlier makes men often tend to take risks more for the sake of displaying their bravado. Men look at risk-taking actions as something to be proud of often leading them into questionable situations. Even boasting about a loss at a casino table becomes a part of their display of bravery; followed by that comes the addictive nature that is inherited from their early ancestors.
  • Sociological reasons. Men are more exposed to triggers related to gambling like ads through various media.  However, society brings rewards to men for being fearless that drives them into danger.
  • Acting on impulse. By nature, evolution has made men more impulsive when in a problem compared to women who tend to be more stable while making a decision. As a part of genetics as well as social conditioning, men enjoy showing off. This keeps men going back to the vicious cycle of loss in the arena of gambling.


Even if gambling can be addictive, it is a favourite recreational activity for the citizens of the UK. In spite of its popularity, nobody can deny the addictive nature of it that has been making people prey; there are several methods to keep this addiction away and to enjoy it like a game and prevent it from becoming an impulse-driven lifestyle.

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