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The Impact Of Technology On The Gambling Industry


Thanks to the incredible advancement of technology our day-to-day activities have become much easier to handle. There isn’t a part of our lives which technology hasn’t improved in one way or the other.

One of these areas that have received significant improvements is online gambling. Online casinos are leveraging digital improvements to create a state-of-the-art experience for the players.

Online casinos

Thanks to technology, the gambling industry has come to a turning point with the invention of online casinos. Now online gambling has become one of the most lucrative industries in the digital world.

The whole narrative of gambling changed back in the 1990s when with the help of the internet gamblers started enjoying online games from their homes and offices. The automated processes made life easier both for the casinos and players. It also helped inexperienced players to get familiar with casino games and accelerated the process of learning new games.

Besides the convenience, one more great thing that online platforms have constant offers are constant promotions that players can take advantage of. Perks like free games, demo versions and huge bonuses are almost an industry standard when it comes to the online casino world. These great features have enticed even the players who never stepped foot in a traditional casino to experience the rush of online games.

Mobile gaming

From the release of the first commercially available smartphone 15 years ago, the number of mobile users has constantly been growing. Now mobile phones are responsible for more than half of the world wide web traffic.

Many of the countries with weak infrastructure, like India, have almost entirely skipped the desktop phase of the internet and went to the mobile phase.

Smartphones have enabled people to take the term remote gambling to a whole new level. Today people are carrying access to online gambling sites in their pockets, the only thing they need is the Internet and they can start playing their favourite andar bahar game online.

Mobile smart devices are probably the best thing that occurred to the industry of gambling up to this point in history, and with the rise of mobile-first users, it will only keep getting better.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or commonly known as VR is a computer-generated simulation of surroundings that users can interact in a real way using special equipment like helmets and gloves with sensors.

VR has helped online casinos to improve the experience of players while they play their favourite games. It allows players to access the virtual parts of the online casinos and start interacting with dealers and other gamblers. It has elevated the gameplay to the point that players with the right equipment can have almost the same experience as in brick-and-mortar casinos. Virtual reality offers more realistic game design, better audio quality and much more.

Artificial intelligence

With the help of artificial intelligence, technology has helped the gambling industry to collect customer data and based on it predict gamblers behaviours. This helps casino companies develop new games that have elements that make them interesting to players.

This is one of the ways online casinos constantly improve player experience with the influx of new games and features.

One of these features that have received significant improvements in the ChatBox option. Before it was mostly used for players to contact casino customer support, but now with the help of artificial intelligence, it has expanded its use to process payments and withdrawals.

Blockchain technology

One of the newest additions that technology has brought to the world is blockchain technology. Based on the things we saw until now it has the power to change the way payments are made forever.

One of the main features of this technology is the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherum. And from where the online casino industry is now it seems that it is only a matter of time before crypto becomes the universally accepted payment method.

For gamblers, cryptocurrencies offer a lot of new opportunities. Firstly, they are a safe and fast way of making transactions to online casinos. Secondly, there are a lot fewer restrictions imposed on crypto than on traditional currencies. And thirdly, players who use cryptocurrencies to make deposits on online casinos don’t have to give their personal information before making a payment.


If there is one thing that technology has taught us when it comes to improvements in the gambling industry is that there is no knowing what is next. As long as the gambling industry keeps on implementing these improvements the right way, there are no limits to what can become of online casinos.

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