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The Easiest Way to Cultivate Cannabis – Buy Feminised Seeds


If you’re a first-time cultivator, enjoying your own high-quality cannabis isn’t difficult. Feminised seeds are the right choice, especially for the first few crops, because they guarantee female plants responsible for THC and CBD-packed buds. Male plants can crowd female plants, so they don’t have sufficient space to grow to their full yield potential. Even if there’s no surefire way to remove the risk of pollination entirely, you can save a tremendous amount of production by eliminating the males from the equation. Cannabis plants grown from feminised seeds produce more buds and fewer leaves, not to mention that the pruning process is more straightforward. With time, the vision you’ve outlined will come to fruition.

Let’s Understand What Feminised Cannabis Seeds Are

As the name suggests, feminised seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes, so they can be relied on to produce just female plants, which require little space for growing and offer a generous harvest. Regular cannabis seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male plants, which can ruin the entire crop by pollinating the female plants. Simply put, you end up with many seeds that may or may not produce female plants. Having to “rogue” males is a time-consuming, labour-intensive process that must be completed immediately and doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy. The idea is that you must say no to males.

Feminised seeds are obtained using a chemical reversal process – in other words, the sex of a female plant is reversed to produce male pollen, used to pollinate other female plants in a controlled environment. It’s a process of genetic manipulation. Attention must be paid to the fact that not all feminised seeds are created equal since the execution process is challenging to master. Feminised seeds tend to produce photoperiod plants that react to the length of night (or dark period) by measuring day length. In clear, straightforward language, cannabis blooms depending on the daylight darkness hours, so if you’re growing indoors, the plants will remain vegetative until you induce bloom by reducing light hours. Exposing them to too much light isn’t beneficial.

Are There Any Other Advantages of Using Feminised Seeds for Cannabis Cultivation?

Cannabis seeds are sold even in jurisdictions where personal growth isn’t permitted. To exemplify, in the UK, it’s perfectly legal to own cannabis seeds, but it’s forbidden to grow or attempt to grow plants from these seeds unless you have a licence from the Home Office. Licences are generally issued for the cultivation of cannabis plants with low THC content for the production of hemp fibre for industrial purposes. Getting back on topic, an established seed bank, such as Seedsman, is the most reliable source for quality cannabis seeds. Feminised seeds are a good option as you can eradicate unwanted male plants, but nothing is guaranteed in life, so do your research and learn how to spot a male cannabis plant.

If you use feminised cannabis seeds, it takes about 14 weeks to get the plants sexually mature and ready to flower. The growth of the seedlings will appear to be slow at first because you only see what’s happening above the soil, and most of the work is realised below the soil. There are several other advantages for gardeners who use feminised seeds, as follows:

  • Cannabis plants are more resistant to pests and diseases. Pests and diseases strike when the cannabis plants are young, as they’re more vulnerable, so they damage the crop. If you don’t want to fiddle about with pest prevention and disease management, then opting for feminised seeds will go a long way toward relieving stress.
  • Feminised cannabis seeds can be cloned. Many home cultivators have discovered that clones speed up the growing process, developing into fully mature plants that are genetically identical to the mother plants. You can clone cannabis crops by cutting away a part of the stem from the mother plant; cuttings can be taken as soon as the branches are long enough. If you want to produce buds or seeds professionally, build your own collection of mother plants.
  • You can grow uniform cannabis plants and ensure the best quality. With feminised seeds, you have a uniform, controllable growing environment. More precisely, your growing system can be used with optimal plant count and spacing. The genetics of the feminised seeds are carefully controlled, meaning that there are more options in terms of cannabinoids, aromas, and flavours. Owing to better genetics,

Some Strains Grow Better and Hardier Than Others

Every feminised cannabis seed will germinate, and when in the vegetative state, the plants will grow big buds. Growing cannabis at home can be a money-saving and therapeutic hobby, but before you plant the feminised seeds, make sure to do your homework. Even if nearly any strain is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing, some have traits that lend themselves better to one or the other. Skunk strains are some of the most popular and powerful varieties available to growers, producing bold, relaxing effects that are beneficial for medical users. The Indica-dominant cannabis strain has a THC level that’s above normal.

If you want to surround yourself with a beautiful landscape, grow Northern Lights, a plant that reaches a height of 6.5 feet or above. The buds are firm and easy to trim, owing to the ample space between the nodes. You’ll be happy to know that genetics make this plant naturally mould-resistant – the sticky buds protect the crop from disease, so you can grow cannabis even in humid conditions. Consumers say this strain offers full-body relaxation and has a sweet-and-spicy scent. Northern Lights is a good choice for indoor cannabis cultivation because it prefers warmth, but if you don’t have the right seeds, your growing effort will be in vain.


Feminised cannabis seeds, which result from the pollination of the flowers of a female plant using reverted male pollen, produce only pistillate offspring. Benefits include but aren’t limited to optimised performance (no plant has to be discarded), growing buds rich in CBD and THC, and getting to harvest faster. If you’re looking to cash in on your crop, the field is still young and growing, so consider starting your own business.

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