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The Best Sports Betting Apps for Maximum Enjoyment

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There’s nothing quite like getting to know the ins and outs of a sport. Having extensive knowledge of the players, stats, teams, rules, and season is something that takes time, patience, and perseverance to learn.

This can end up paying off in the long run, as you’re able to fully understand and have fun predicting how the year will unfold for your team, as well as all the teams in the league.

Once fans reach that level of knowledge, though, they often like to bet on the outcomes of games. And who can blame them? Once you start accurately predicting how games will go and who will come out on top more often than not, who wouldn’t want to put their skills to the test?

The only downside to that is the long list of betting apps out there vying for your attention. After all, having an app on your phone that compiles all that information concisely whilst also allowing you to place specific wagers is a godsend for longtime fans.

So we’re putting together a small list of sports betting apps that you might want to give a go. Hopefully, you find something that makes your life easier, and your sports betting that much more enjoyable.


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Bet99 Canada

We’re starting off the list with a regional pick from North America. While bet99 Canada does have a Canadian focus, it’s also a convenient app with many prop bets, an intuitive interface, and a wide range of sports options. Additionally, the filter option makes searching for games and sports easier than it can be on some of their competitors’ apps.


The OddsJam app gives you access to some pretty insightful software used in the betting industry. Users get access to an educational blog that teaches players how to better utilize their cash. It also helps users understand the different types of bets, and has plenty of entry-level information on top of being a solid sports betting app. While experienced gamblers might not need all of the extra tips and tricks, it’s very helpful to newbies who should try this app first, to round out any knowledge of sports betting that they might be lacking.

Gaming on Mobile

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Caesars Sportsbook

Although you’ve probably heard of this one before, we’d like to bring it up again. There’s a good reason that Caesars Sportsbook has so much exposure, and that’s because of everything the app has. Play-by-play updates with betting on nearly every single stage of a game are included.

They have some of the best online casino options with players getting blackjack, slots, baccarat, poker, and a good amount of other casino games. There’s also a reward system that benefits you the more you interact with the software.

There’s a lot going on with this app, and while it might not be perfect for everyone, we think longtime gamblers might want to take a look. And even if you’re in a state that doesn’t have it, Caesars Sportsbook is spreading fast, so chances are you’ll have access soon.


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