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The Best Places To Stay In The USA For Perfect Beach Weather

Best Places To Stay In The USA

The United States of America is one of the most popular places in the world to visit, and for good reason. As such an enormous country, it boasts a wide variety of things to do, things to see, and even different environments and climates.

Now that the world has opened up after the coronavirus pandemic stuck, travelling to America is finally more viable, as long as you make sure that you travel safely and follow international guidelines. This means that you can finally take advantage of all the the USA has to offer.

The USA truly has something for everyone, including the beach-lovers among us. Some parts of the United States feature stunning beaches, with hot sun, white sand, and breathtaking sea to enjoy. Here are some of the best places to go in the USA for beaches.

Southern California

Southern California

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California is one of the USA’s most famous western states, and Southern California has plenty to offer for visitors and residents alike. It’s most famously the home of Los Angeles and Hollywood, which is known for churning out some of cinema’s most memorable and spectacular films and shows.

Southern California is considered the place to be for anyone interested in the media industry, whether you want to be a part of it, or you simply want to learn more about the place where so many cultural milestones are born. However, Southern California has even more to offer.

As well as being a powerhouse in the media industry, Southern California has some fantastic beaches thanks to the fact that it stretches across the pacific coastline. It has a hugely varied geography, including mountains, rivers, deserts, and green parks. However, many people head straight to the beaches, and for good reason.

The Southern Californian coast is also the most densely populated part of this state, so as well as natural beauty, the beach offers a bustling city life. If you like to simply relax by the sea, then Southern California gives you that chance, but it’s ideal for more adventurous tourists as well.

Some of these beaches are famously good for surfing and other water sports, as even beginners can find a place to get started.


Hawaii is famous for its stunning natural beauty, including dramatic island beaches overlooked by mountains and volcanic areas. Some of these beaches are largely untouched, which means that they’re truly unique. You can find some of the best tropical beaches in the world in Hawaii.

As with other beaches in the United States, the water sports scene in Hawaii is fantastic, so any surfing enthusiast will find a home here in the pacific ocean. Hawaii can offer an enjoyable and relaxing low-key experience, or an exciting, adventure-packed opportunity to explore, depending on what kind of trip you prefer.

When travelling to Hawaii, do your best to travel sustainably. Unfortunately, because it’s so famously beautiful, people flock to this area. This means that the natural beauty of this area is under risk, especially if tourists are irresponsible. Try to support locally owned businesses, so that you can leave Hawaii as you left it, if not slightly better off. This way, we can continue to enjoy these areas of stunning natural beauty.


Moving away from blisteringly hot pacific beaches for a while, Massachusetts offers its own wonderful beach experience in the form of Nantucket, the tiny island off its coast. Because it is’t so hot here, you can visit Nantucket in the depths of summer and enjoy a comfortable heat, rather than roasting as you might in hotter beach areas.

Nantucket is a particularly good tourist destination for those with more of an interest in history, as the tiny town is a wonderfully preserved example of a late 18th century New England seaport town. Since 1966, it has been protected to maintain these beautiful little buildings and the history of the area.

As well as the town itself, Nantucket is surrounded by 82 miles of stunning shoreline, which means that it has plenty of room for truly beautiful beaches. Depending on whether you go North, South, East, or West, you can enjoy different experiences.

For example, the northern beaches are warm, with gentle seas that are ideal for families. The southern and eastern beaches face the Atlantic ocean, which mean that they have cooler and choppier water, which are a surfer’s dream. If you prefer to explore natural beauty with fewer people, then get in an off-roader and head west for some harder-to-reach and less populated beaches.



Source: Unsplash

Florida, as a peninsula, offers miles upon miles of shorelines, including some of the most stunning sandy beaches that you can find. On the western side of Florida, you will find warmer, milder water which is ideal for a relaxing break. Children can paddle in the the relatively gentle sea.

On the eastern side of Florida, the beaches offer more exciting surfing opportunities. It’s still warm, it is Florida, after all, but the Atlantic ocean is cooler and choppier, making them perfect for water sports. Florida also has some stunning islands, such as the Florida Keys and Clearwater.

If you prefer a busy city experience, then Maimi is the place for you. You can enjoy the bustling and glamorous city life, then head to the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. On some Floridian beaches, you can see another city on the other side of the bay, which provides amazing views.

The history lovers can also find somewhere that they can appreciate in Florida, by visiting St. Augustine. This beautiful city sits on a beach, but it’s most notably the oldest city in the United States. Here, you can find 17th century Spanish colonial buildings and walk the streets of history.

No matter where you stay in Florida, there will likely be beautiful beaches nearby. So, whether you look for Florida villas by the shoreline or prefer to stay in a resort, make sure to hit the sea and the sand.

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