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The Best Brands of Quilt

If you live in a cold country, a good quality quilt is an essential purpose for everyday comfort. Even in the summer, you may need a quilt for nights when it gets very cool.

The best quality duvets are made from goose down because of its lightness and warmth-retaining properties. If you live in a cold climate, buy one that has the highest fill power possible (i.e., 800+), which is lighter than most high-grade bedding options with lower fill powers. This will ensure that your quilts stay extra warm even on the chilliest winter night. The higher the fill power, the more loft they have too so if you don’t want extra weight or height on your mattress, opt for something around 600 or 700 FP instead to get similar effects and comfort levels as those with higher numbers would.

Goose down has certain unique properties which make it ideal for blankets and duvets. Firstly, its fibers are very light but strong enough to trap heat in the air when compressed. Secondly, they’re compressible so quilts made from them can pack away into a very small space-saving you a lot of room in your closet or drawers. Finally, goose down is hypoallergenic which means that it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other materials like synthetic polyester or cotton/polyester blends (though many allergy sufferers do report being able to use silk bedding as well). There are different types of natural fillings used with duvets and pillows; goose down always seems to be the most popular, but some retailers do offer duck down as well.

Anyway, getting back on topic, let’s take a look at the best brands of quilts available today:

7. AshopZ Lightweight Embossed Quilt


This is an excellent and cheap lightweight backpacking quilt option that is made from their own proprietary Thermolite insulation. It’s available in a variety of colors including green, blue, navy, maroon, or pink (and more), and also comes with all the features you’d expect to find on a high-end outdoor gear product such as an elasticized drawcord at the head for easy adjustment/fitment. Also includes things like attachment loops so it can be used with sleeping pads too! This one weighs around 11.39 lbs. For anyone looking for something warm and affordable then this quilt might just hit the sweet spot.

6. Jungalow Kahelo Quilt Set by Justina Blakeney


Consumers that enjoy a certain level of comfort and luxury should take a look at this quilt set by Justina Blakeney. It’s made with soft, durable 100% cotton, so it will be comfortable even when you don’t have any blankets beneath it. Plus, the colors are bright and vibrant which is really good for those who want to cheer up their bedrooms just a little bit. The included pillowcases also feature an overlapping flap design to give your bedroom more style. The only problem with this set is that some people may not like how thin it feels compared to other quilts in the market – but given its price point, we think most consumers can easily overlook these minor concerns.

5. The Company Store Galloway Cotton Patchwork Quilt Set

The Company Store Galloway Cotton Patchwork Quilt Set

The Company Store Galloway Cotton Patchwork Quilt Set is a great quilt set from a well-respected brand. It comes in three different sizes: twin, queen, and king. The cotton sateen cover feels luxurious to the touch and looks great when made up on your bed. The patchwork design has been stitched together beautifully with just the right amount of thread, creating a wonderful finish that will last for many years without looking old or worn out. This would make an ideal gift for someone who loves patchwork but wants something super-comfortable to snuggle under at night.

4. Greenland Home Antique Chic Quilt Set

Greenland Home Antique Chic Quilt Set

This is a beautiful quilt. It’s 100% cotton, so it has the softest and coziest feel possible. The stitching is excellent; you won’t have any issues with threads coming loose or anything like that. This quilt set comes in four different colors: burgundy, light blue, dark grey, and white. All of them are absolutely gorgeous. They also make for a very good gift idea for your loved ones.

3. Coyuchi Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilt


If you’re looking for a great deal on an organic quilt, look no further than the Coyuchi Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilt. This quilt is made of 100% organic cotton and features a very soft hand feel. The stitching around the edges of this quilt also adds to its overall appeal. And while it might not be as warm or thick as other options listed here, it’s still one of the best choices out there if you want to go with something that’s pure and natural.

2. Southshore Fine Linen Vilano Springs Oversized 3 Piece Quilt Set, Beige

Vilano Springs Square Quilt Collection by Southshore Fine Linens

The Vilano Springs Oversized 3 Piece Quilt Set features a cotton blend with wool, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. This quilt is easy to wash and dry (as it’s machine-washable), which makes it great for those who need their bedding items to be simple. It also has two matching shams and one set of pillowcases, so you can have everything coordinated perfectly in your bedroom.

1. Garnet Hill Dream Quilt


The Garnet Hill Dream Quilt is a synthetic quilt that’s made with lofty hollow fibers. It’s also very soft and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry on any backpacking trip. Although it’s not the lightest or warmest quilt out there, its warmth-to-weight ratio is quite good for the price you pay on this one. You can expect this quilt to keep you comfortable in temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit when used with a sleeping pad underneath of it. Just make sure that you use a silk liner along with your sleeping bag to ensure maximum comfort throughout your sleep time and prevent the pilling of your clothes against the fabric during travel time.

After a good night’s sleep, you are refreshed and ready to face the world. Your bedding plays a big part in that experience so it’s important to have high-quality sheets for your comfort. These days there is no shortage of choices when it comes to buying new bedding sets or pillowcases; all you need to do is make your choice based on price and quality.

All the quilts listed above are suitable for a variety of uses, but there is no one perfect set that will fit everyone’s needs. Everyone has different tastes and preferences; some people like soft sheets while others prefer crisp ones. Some love Egyptian cotton bedding whereas others find it too heavy and warm to use in the summertime. Finally, some need deep pockets to accommodate their pillows, yet others don’t care for this feature as much since it means more trouble when making the bed or changing pillowcases.

So if you’re looking at buying new bedding sets, make sure you take all these issues into consideration before pulling out your credit card.

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