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The Best Brands of Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes, or motor cross bikes, are designed to be used on unpaved roads, trails or dirt tracks. They typically have the smallest engine of any of the street-legal bikes; they are light and agile and almost always single-seat. They have a limited amount of suspension travel, so they are far more responsive and agile than larger bikes. They can have additional features such as lights and/or foot pegs for the rider to use when not racing. Dirt bikes often feature one- or two-stroke engines that burn fuel quickly; riders must plan their fuel stops accordingly.

Here’s a who’s-who of who are the best brands of dirt bike out there:

8. TAO Dirt Bike DB10


The Tao Dirt Bike DB 10 is a great starter bike for riders ages 8 and up. It’s lightweight and has large wheels to allow the rider to get used to riding before moving on to larger bikes. The manufacturer recommends this bike for kids who weigh between 73-163 pounds, which should give parents an idea of the bike’s size.

It features an automatic clutch, which is pretty rare for a dirt bike this small. The engine is a single-cylinder air-cooled four stroke that has plenty of power to get kids moving even on somewhat bumpy terrain. It also has an adjustable throttle limiter so that parents can choose how fast the bike goes.

It has a front and rear disc brake system, which offers very good stopping power on an otherwise lightweight bike. The tires are knobby for excellent grip in all conditions. This is one of the best dirt bikes you can find for kids who are just starting out.

7. Husqvarna TC 250


Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer of motorcycles and was founded in Sweden in 1689. Husqvarna does not have a huge history in racing, but they do sponsor the Husqvarna Mission Racewear clothing line for motocross and enduro riders. However, their TC250 definitely has some wins under its belt and is one of the best dirt bikes to add to your collection.

The TC250 is one of the most powerful bikes on this list, with a liquid-cooled 250cc single cylinder two-stroke engine and electric start. It has an alloy frame that’s been designed for maximum agility and strength while keeping weight to a minimum, as well as an adjustable fork which helps with rider comfort and control.

The Husqvarna TC250 has a standard rear disc brake, as well as a front drum. It also comes in various colors including white/blue, black/yellow, red and dark green. This is definitely one of the best dirt bikes for racing you can pick.

6. KTM 150 SX


KTM is a European brand that makes dirt bikes in both four-stroke and two-stroke models. The KTM 150 SX is a great choice for new riders, as it’s lightweight at just over 87 kg but offers relatively big power from its two-stroke DOHC engine. It has a six-speed manual transmission and adjustable throttle limiter for younger riders. It has a kick starter, which is a great feature for new riders to learn on as it’s much easier than starting the bike with an electric start.

5. BETA 430RR-S


The BETA 430RR-S is a powerful bike, with an engine that can produce around 44 horsepower. It easily reaches highway speeds and has a 4 stroke, 431cc air cooled engine and features 7-speed sequential gearbox, high traction tires on both paved and dirt surfaces, and a rear disc brake.

4. Honda CRF110F


Honda is a brand that has been around for a while, and it’s easy to see why. They make reliable bikes with great performance and durability. The CRF110F is an entry-level bike; it doesn’t have as many features as some of the higher priced machines but still packs plenty of punch for the price. It has a four-stroke engine, and it comes with rear suspension to make your ride smoother. It is great for beginners who want to get a feel for racing.

3. Yamaha YZ250


This is a full-sized dirt bike, but it’s still light and agile enough to allow new riders or shorter kids (who have trouble with the larger bikes) to control it easily. It features a 2-stroke engine that burns fuel quickly; you’ll want to plan on making at least two pit stops during a typical race. If you’re looking for something more than a dirt bike, but not quite ready to commit to a four- or five-stroke race bike, the Yamaha YZ250 is an excellent choice. It has enough power and handling that it can be ridden by advanced riders in off-road conditions, while still being friendly enough that beginners can learn how to ride it and become more comfortable on bigger bikes.

2. Suzuki RM-Z450


There’s a reason why Suzuki is the most successful manufacturer in motocross racing: It makes reliable, high-performance bikes. The RM-Z450 has been one of the company’s best sellers for years. It boasts some great features, including fully adjustable suspension, an aluminum frame and rear swingarm (for lightweight and strength) and front-and-rear disc brakes. It’s a great bike for intermediate riders who don’t want to step up to the more expensive, high-level bikes.

1. Kawasaki KLX 300



Kawasaki is a Japanese company that makes high-end motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. It has been around since 1896 when it was founded by engineer Kawasaki Shozo. The KLX 300 is a dirt bike that features a four-stroke engine, fuel injection and electric start. It has a 300 cc displacement, which means the amount of space needed for the pistons to move up and down. This particular bike is known as one of Kawasaki’s “Ninja” series because it looks like an older motorcycle that is used for street racing. The KLX 300 has a 21-inch front wheel and comes with an electric start, foot pegs and kickstand.

The type of bike you choose should be based on what you’re doing with it, and where. If your plans include riding in a lot of sand or mud, a street-legal motorcycle might not be the best option. On the other hand, if you are looking to ride trails that aren’t maintained or have a lot of elevation change, and you want a bike that is light and agile, you might be better off with a dirt bike.

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