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TAKE5, The Greatest Candy Bar You’ve Never Heard Of

The Hershey Company relaunches the TAKE5 brand with help of millennials For those in the know, the greatest candy bar is no secret.

The TAKE5 brand has developed a cult-like following that’s driven the bar’s 10 percent growth over the last three years even without any marketing support. Now, The Hershey Company (NYSE: HSY) is relaunching the TAKE5 Bar with the help and ideas of millennials.

The new TAKE5 Bar wrapper, hitting shelves and online now, includes a textured black background with a bold, green logo co-designed by millennials.

What’s the secret to the TAKE5 Bar? It’s the layered combination of five classic ingredients – pretzel, caramel, peanut butter and peanuts, all enrobed in rich milk chocolate – that create the perfect salty-sweet, chewy-crunchy remixed snack. The bar is tailor-made for the new generation.

“We recognized the evolving millennial tastes and their need for on-the-go eating occasions,” said Chris Kinnard, TAKE5 brand manager. “They’re flavor explorers and adventurous when it comes to food. They’re looking for an experience, and the TAKE5 Bar’s multiple flavors and textures allow them to have it all.”

Knowing millennials covet authenticity and co-creation, Hershey and the TAKE5 brand partnered with them to help relaunch the bar. Marketing students, and months of engagement with a special panel made exclusively of diverse millennial-aged students, helped spark the big idea behind the new TAKE5 brand look and feel. The new wrapper, hitting shelves and online now, includes a textured black background with a bold, green logo co-designed by the group. With each of the five key ingredients distinctly deconstructed on the wrapper, the new package has the taste-appeal and transparency this group of consumers seek out in the candy aisle.

“It’s important to millennials that they recognize what’s in the bar,” said Kinnard. “In addition to the unique co-creation, the wrapper highlights all five ingredients in every bite.”

The new wrapper and identity is just the beginning, The TAKE5 brand is gearing up for an exciting 2016 by connecting with loyalists and new fans through live engagements, social campaigns, and brand ambassadors.

The new TAKE5 bar can be found at retailers nationwide and consumers can join the conversation online using #myTAKE5 on Instagram,Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

About The Hershey Company
The Hershey Company, headquartered in Hershey, Pa., is a global confectionery leader known for bringing goodness to the world through its chocolate, sweets, mints and other great-tasting snacks. Hershey has approximately 22,000 employees around the world who work every day to deliver delicious, quality products. The company has more than 80 brands around the world that drive more than $7.4 billion in annual revenues, including such iconic brand names as Hershey’s, Reese’s,Hershey’s Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Ice Breakers and Brookside. Building on its core business, Hershey is expanding its portfolio to include a broader range of delicious snacks. The company remains focused on growing its presence in key international markets while continuing to extend its competitive advantage in North America.

At Hershey, goodness has always been about more than delicious products. For more than 120 years, Hershey has been committed to operating fairly, ethically and sustainably. Hershey founder, Milton Hershey, created the Milton Hershey School in 1909 and since then the company has focused on giving underserved children the skills and support they need to be successful. Today, the company continues this social purpose through ‘Nourishing Minds,’ a global initiative that provides basic nutrition to help children learn and grow. From neighborhoods across the United States to the streets of Shanghai andMumbai and villages of West Africa, our goal is to nourish one million minds by 2020.
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