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Swytch Unveils Affordable GO Electric Bike Conversion Kit for $349

  • Swytch unveiled the Swytch GO kit, an affordable electric bike conversion kit starting at £299/$349 for pre-orders, featuring a 250W front motor and versatile mounting options.
  • The GO battery pack offers improved portability, multiple range options (15-60 miles), and enhanced ease of installation, maintaining Swytch’s commitment to quality and accessibility.

Swytch, known for creating some of the “most affordable” electric bike conversion kits available today, unveiled their newest offering this morning: Swytch GO kit has an extremely competitive pre-order price tag of just £299 or US $349 depending on where customers reside – though with one caveat: charging costs must also be considered when considering any potential savings over traditional solutions like an external battery pack or hub motor conversion kit.

However, that price only covers pre-ordering; an immediate purchase requires shelling out double that amount.

Swytch has previously experienced extreme demand when they release previous versions, so this move might provide them with the means to manage production curves more smoothly and temper the immediate surge seen when unveiling new models.

Swytch kits have proven extremely popular during past releases due to their competitive entry price and ease of installation – factors which surely contribute to its immense success. According to company statistics, more than 85,000 kits are already in circulation proving how widespread DIY electric bike conversion is today.

As Swytch’s CEO Oliver Montague commented:

“This is an exciting time for Swytch. Consumers are looking for more affordable and sustainable transport options, and the Swytch GO Kit is the ideal solution. Installation has also never been easier, so anyone can enjoy the benefits that electric bikes have to offer.”

Swytch unveiled today their updated Swytch GO kit featuring an upgraded 250W front motor while providing more mounting options with its Velcro mounting battery GO battery pack.

GO batteries offer riders an alternative mounting option when it comes to handlebar-mounted Air batteries; with them now also being available as options on different styles of bikes due to more mountain options for mounting inside of front triangle. This makes fitting the kit simpler.

Additionally, the GO battery comes in three variations – GO, GO+ and GO++ – offering between 15-60 miles (25-100 km). While its predecessor – Air – could almost fit inside one’s pocket, these new batteries still offer convenient portability that fits easily inside bags in theft-prone locations.

Weighting between 2-2.6 kg (4.5-5.7 lb), depending on their model, the GO batteries are lightweight and easy to handle. IPX6 certification ensures they can withstand all-weather riding, and they meet UL safety standards as well.

Swytch GO kits feature 250W front hub motor power for commuters comfortable using pedal assist; however, throttle lovers will also appreciate having access to an optional hand throttle as an accessory – perfect for throttle riding without pedaling to initiate power on demand! In states that allow such additions of this kind.

It’s all part of Swytch’s efforts to continually update the technology and the practicality of their kits, as the company’s CTO Dmitro Khroma explained:

“Our company mission is to make e-bikes accessible to everyone. So in reaction to consumer economic pressures, we wanted to bring down the entry-level price point for customers to pre- order a Swytch kit to just £299, but without compromising on quality, performance, or the safety of our batteries. These quality and safety features include ensuring that the battery is water-resistant, impact-resistant, and shock-resistant, and has been thoroughly tested to the highest standards so they are safe to use and recharge at home.

By redesigning the battery pack with a larger form factor, embedding the power electronics inside the pack together with the battery, and designing a super-simple mounting solution that uses Velcro straps to strap the battery pack anywhere on the bike, we managed to bring down the price significantly. Plus, as an added bonus, the result was an e-bike kit that is even easier and faster to install, and with increased range of up to 60 miles.”

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