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Hyundai’s Hydrogen Supercar to Hit the Roads in 2026

  • Hyundai plans to produce its first hydrogen supercar, the N74, by 2026, featuring a 775 PS powertrain and a range of 600 km.
  • With a limited production of 200 units and an estimated price of 500 million South Korean Won, the N74 aims to promote hydrogen technology and offer exclusivity in the supercar market.

South Korean auto industry is on an upswing due to global efforts toward carbon neutrality. South Korean car makers have taken great strides toward pioneering cutting-edge propulsion and battery technologies and making zero emission vehicles mainstream; Hyundai plans on unveiling their world first hydrogen supercar by 2026 according to reports by Korea Economic Daily.

Hyundai plans on producing its inaugural hydrogen supercar in 2026 based off its N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell-hybrid concept vehicle which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show 2022 and hence known internally by Hyundai under codename N74. Production model will feature rear wheel drive drivetrain layout with 775 PS power train producing 560kW output so as to reach 100 km per hour within three seconds of acceleration from zero-100kmh speeds.

No official word has yet been given regarding the top speed of Hyundai N74 production car; however, given that its performance should surpass that of concept (500+kW/680.00PS), we can safely assume it will reach at least 250+kph and may surpass that as well as meet or surpass its targeted range – 600 km.

Hyundai intends for its N74 to serve as an emblematic model and promote hydrogen power technology and cars in general. Hyundai plans on unveiling their next-generation Nexo SUV by 2025; therefore, an attractive hydrogen car such as this could draw more customers towards this offering from them.

Hyundai plans on producing just 100 N74 hydrogen supercars each year over two years – for a cumulative production limit of 200 units over its lifespan – making the supercar an exclusive sight on roads around the globe and promising exclusivity like no other Hyundai vehicle can offer. They plan on manufacturing an N74 test mule in August with full production commencing by June 2026.

Hyundai N74 won’t come cheap; Korea Economic Daily sources estimate its estimated price as 500 Million South Korean Won (338,000 euros). That price would make the car the most costly Hyundai ever. Comparable models such as Ioniq 5 N are about four and half times costlier; its six-digit price tag places it in supercar territory alongside BEVs such as Tesla Roadster or Lotus Type 135.

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