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Surveyor – A Compliance Solution Designed for the Compliance Officer


Trillium Labs, founded in 2014 by pioneers in electronic trading, is a global technology company focused on delivering innovative and powerful RegTech solutions that also give our clients a simple and intuitive user experience. Surveyor, our flagship product, powers best execution and trade surveillance compliance globally. We deliver real-time actionable insights across equities, derivatives, fixed income, and crypto trading activity so organizations can build a culture of compliance while continuing to drive their business growth. Surveyor is the only patented solution that uses full depth-of-order book which addresses and dramatically reduces false positives.

Our mission and values

Surveyor’s mission to detect accurately and display intuitively is a testament to Trillium Labs’ dedication to provide an all-in-one, accessible and intelligent solution to trade surveillance. Our team designs products that grow alongside the ever-evolving regulatory landscape so that our customers can act as stewards of the marketplace and keep our global markets robust and vibrant. Our goal is to free up the time and resources of our clients’ compliance, legal, and development teams so that they can focus on building a culture of compliance while growing their businesses.

We are constantly working with our customers and listening to their needs and feedback to iterate and build a product that companies not only need, but also want to use. We utilize engagement surveys, roundtables, and frequent one-on-one meetings to drill down on what is important to our customers. We partner with our customers to discuss their future roadmaps and priorities to ensure that we can provide timely, dependable solutions that will directly benefit their growing businesses.

In a fast-paced market, frustrations can be magnified. We’ve been there, so we prioritize our customers by providing human support and attention. The team invests time with each of our customers to establish a true partnership and to maintain open lines of communication. While customers know they can reach out to us to quickly address any questions they have, they also often reach out to us to brainstorm solutions to issues they are seeing or even to check in and catch up. Since we view our customers as partners, their success is our success.

Looking to the future

Trillium Labs is constantly expanding Surveyor to ensure our customers have a comprehensive tool kit to accommodate their diverse business needs. Already this year we have deployed a supervisor module to address FINRA’s 3110 rule and have enhanced our Best Execution offering to include dynamic and interactive visualizations. We will continue to grow our product offering in line with our customers’ needs, with the deployment of a cryptocurrency trade surveillance offering and increased global coverage. We know that compliance isn’t a one size fits all, especially with the fast-evolving nature of the regulatory landscape.  This is why it’s so important to work with a firm like Trillium Labs that is able to tailor its solution to solve its customers unique needs. Both Surveyor and the Trillium Labs team were built with this in mind, ensuring that our customers’ trade surveillance platform and our technical support fit their individual needs.

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