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Pride in being the prime gateway to the Vietnamese market, Son Kim Retail’s portfolio presently includes many foreign brands that have become household names in Vietnam. With the vision of promoting a contemporary lifestyle that all Vietnamese will adapt and adore, it was only apt that F&B became Son Kim Retail’s next strategic venture, in order to firmly establish the group’s presence in the industry & enrich the lives of Vietnamese people.

From the sophisticated splendor of Western and Mediterranean gastronomy…

In 2017, Son Kim Retail entered a partnership with Pourcel Château, an F&Bcompany owned by the renowned Pourcel Brothers. Pourcel Indochine Limited was established, which later spawned the flagship restaurants Jardin Des Sens and Mama Sens. This also marked Son Kim Retail’s first foray into the saturated F&B industry in Vietnam.

Given their history, the Vietnamese people have long familiarized themselves with French flavors. Even so, truly authentic French gastronomy was still a rarity, in the bustling urban Saigon. Acknowledging this, a faithful iteration of the much-acclaimed Jardin Des Sens restaurant was conceivedin Saigon, in an endeavor to introduce the local Saigonese to the intricacies of French gastronomy – pure, unadulterated, and decadent. With each course unfolding to the anticipation, surprise, and delight of the diners, Jardin Des Sens presents a gastronomic experience akin to storytelling, consummated through the deft and delicate fusion of complex flavors. This is truly a go-to destination for gourmands who are looking for more than just a simple meal.

Recently, the efforts of Jardin Des Sens Saigon’s family, along with the excellence in a culinary experience, were recognized and lauded by the TOP80 Asia Awards. Jardin Des Sens Saigon was awarded “Top Fine Dining In Asia” from Top80 Asia Awards

TOP80 Asia is a benchmark for Asian gastronomic trends and quality, established to honor the vast and incredible diversity of Asia’s culinary and hospitality landscape.

Then, in a Mediterranean twist, Mama Sens, another illustrious brainchild of the Pourcel Brothers, was proudly introduced to Vietnamese people thanks to their partnership with Son Kim Retail. Embracing the Mediterranean diet ‘not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle, Mama Sens is a welcoming gathering place for Saigon’s food lovers to experience the region’s cuisine in all its glory: diverse, bright, fresh, and flavorful. Driven by local ingredients, Mama Sens strives to offer an authentic and uncompromising epicurean experience to every patron.

…to the endless elegance of Eastern cuisine.

With the current ascent of Japanese cuisine’s popularity in the lively Vietnamese dining scene, it’s hard to not recognize theopportunity that that presented. Knowing this, Son Kim Retail officially started a joint venture with the Japanese giant Watami in 2019 in a bid to enter this promising market and broaden their F&B segment. The joint venture thus far has provided Vietnamese customers with two different avenues to indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine: KyoWatami and Watami Japanese Dining.

Ho Chi Minh is a busy city, where there are sights and sounds wherever you go. That tends to confuse the senses, so finding a private, quiet setting for your business meeting, family gathering, or a simple hangout could prove to be quite difficult. KyoWatami, a purveyor of premium, authentic Japanese sushi and grilled items, aims to satisfy patrons who are in search of a calming dining experience. Embellished with the Japanese flair, private rooms are provided and can be customized to a guest’s liking. KyoWatami provides a versatile space and the most secluded atmosphere, so it works perfectly for rehearsal dinners and events the spirit of Japanese cuisine: fresh, simple, satisfying both the body and the mind.

Those looking for a livelier but no less authentic Japanese fare need look no further than its sister restaurant, Watami Japanese Dining. Adopting the theme of izakayas in Japan, with a laid-back atmosphere and open floor plan, Watami is the ideal destination to wind down over a cold drink of beer or sake. Whether it’s skewers, grilled seafood, sashimi, or rice bowls, dishes here are created with expertise and respect to the original Japanese flavors, served along with a large helping of hospitality and warmth from the staff.

Being an integral part of the Son Kim Retail ecosystem, the F&B segment has firmly established the name Son Kim as a competent player in an already competitive industry. Committing to spearhead trends and elevate itself to new standards in every aspect, Son Kim Retail F&B has and will continue to lead customers to the newest, trendiest, and most unique of gastronomic experiences.

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