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Son Kim Mode: Fashion And Lifestyle Intertwined

SonKim Retail wins a Global Award at the 9th edition of Global Brands Magazine Awards

Waltzing into the fashion scene in the late 90s with a vast depth of knowledge and experience that culminated from generations that preceded them, Son Kim Mode has had a hand in elevating the importance of fashion in the modern lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

The lingerie brand that started it all…

Dai Thanh textile company

As a predecessor of Dai Thanh textile company, with a firm foundation and over 70 years of experience in the textile and garment industry, Son Kim Retail, in a joint venture with Quadrille Nishida, established Vera, an undergarment brand in a time when Vietnamese women still hadn’t placed much importance on investing in high-quality undergarments for themselves. Vera was a pioneering presence in the Vietnamese lingerie industry, aimed to embolden the natural beauty of Vietnamese women that stems from their inner well-being.

VERA lingerie


With a drive to constantly innovate, to create and to amaze, VERA has always managed to create products that accentuate the natural curvature, cherish the outer and inner wellness, all while becoming an important part in the modern lifestyle of Vietnamese women. Every woman’s dream is to always be the best version of themselves in every moment of their lives, and VERA strives to be a dear companion in this journey to perfection.

To celebrate over 20 years, Vera turned a new leaf with a new brand identity, signifying a new direction: “Goddess of Seduction” to honour modern Vietnamese women and their confidence, self-love and an endless zest for life. Immortalized in a series of imageries depicting 12 Goddesses, each embodying a precious aspect of the woman in the modern-day, ‘Goddess of Seduction’ inspires women to break out of traditional roles and values, redefining what it is to be SEDUCTIVE: being confident, assertive, passionate, loving and joyful.

Another important stepping stone for Son Kim Mode


After the success of VERA, Jockey – a renowned American apparels brand – joined Son Kim Mode’s business portfolio in 2001 and quickly became one of the most recognized names in Vietnam’s fashion market.

Son Kim Mode: Fashion And Lifestyle Intertwined

Founded in 1876 and being a third-generation family-owned company, one could draw a clear parallel between Jockey’s and Son Kim Mode’s own history. Established and globally renowned, Jockey was and still is a trusted partner in Son Kim’s ambition to become the leader in the saturated Vietnameseapparels industry. Driven by a stream of differentiated and innovative products, Jockey offers Vietnamese consumers a vast range of products, from undergarments, streetwear, sport-wear and home-wear for both men and women. Closely adhered to Jockey International standards, these products are designed with both comfort and style in mind, lending the wearer a sense of confidence, wellness and attractiveness, no matter what lifestyle they lead.

A promising future

VERA and Jockey have carved out a steady foothold for Son Kim in the fashion world. Trusted by thousands of consumers nationwide, they have a series of over 1,000 stores, generating thousands of dollars of revenue every year.

Nowadays, aside from VERA and Jockey, Son Kim Mode currently owns and franchises a number of lingerie, sports and some costumes in Vietnam and around the world such as WOW, MISAKI, J.BUSS…

Being the very starting point of the Son Kim Retail ecosystem, Son Kim Mode has earned adoration from Vietnamese people for more than 20 years, with a portfolio of brands that have become household names and a dedication to deliver products that please the senses. Combining fashion with a keen sense of lifestyle trends, Son Kim Mode commits to elevating itself to new standards of quality and sophistication with an ambition of becoming a renowned global name in the near future.

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