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Sofort Banking In The Online Casino Landscape


In a world where digitalization is the name of the game, it is not surprising how digital transactions have become the norm of this age. For one, while cash is still a major gameplayer in everyday transactions, several individuals now prefer to transact and pay online instead. In fact, according to America Consumer Credit Counseling, around 80% prefer to pay through card over cash.

This reality is something that businesses across various industries—including those in the commercial casino industry—cannot turn a blind eye to. If consumers prefer to pay online, companies must follow suit. Now, there are various payment methods that individuals can try out. Some prominent ones include PayPal, Payoneer, and Sofort. This way, individuals will have payment method choices to choose from—especially if the transaction is fully virtual.

For those based in Europe, Sofort may not be an unfamiliar name. As you may know by now, Sofort is a recognized payment channel across Europe. It helps with various kinds of transactions, including online casino payments.

Let’s take a deeper look into how Sofort started and how it comes in handy in the online casino space.

Sofort and its roots

The roots of the company can be traced back to early 2006. Sofort was originally founded as a branch company of a stock trading firm in Germany. The firm and the service grew over time and later on became a top online payment channel across Germany.

Sofort was later on acquired and bought by Klarna Bank AB, a provider of financial services based in Sweden. This allowed the service to transition from being a local payment method to becoming a prominent payment channel across Europe.

Sofort’s prominence in online casinos

While its prominence has affected businesses of various industries, Sofort also made a mark in the online casino industry. Virtual casinos integrated Sofort into their system, with deposit and withdrawal features coming in extremely handy.

As more individuals shifted to Sofort as their primary payment channel, various players have been requesting the firm to integrate the service into as many online casino platforms as possible.

Most of these virtual casinos could not turn a blind eye to this blazing reality. Hence, several of  those who have not yet integrated Sofort are in the process of doing so.

How Does Sofort Work?

There are some features that set Sofort apart from other e-wallets. However, despite these differences, Sofort is extremely easy to navigate. Here is how you can use the service for your online casino payments.


Depositing in your online casino account through Sofort is very easy and convenient. To proceed with your deposit, follow the

  1. Log in your favorite or most used online casino account that allows Sofort payment.
  2. Tap the Deposit option.
  3. Input the amount you want to cash-in.
  4. Choose the Sofort Banking option as the payment method.
  5. Supply the required initial details (country, preferred bank). For the preferred bank, you must be sure that digital banking has been activated and that the account has sufficient balance.
  6. Further supply your other banking information.
  7. Tap the Confirm option.

After going through all of these steps, the platform will process your deposit within mere seconds. You can expect to immediately see the amount in your online casino account, making you ready to do your thing.


The banking details provided during the initial deposit will be safely kept so that withdrawals will be even easier. Here is how you can withdraw through Sofort.

  1. Log in to the online casino account.
  2. Select the Withdraw option.
  3. Tap Sofort banking as the withdrawal method.
  4. Supply the required information (country, bank details, amount to withdraw).
  5. Tap the Confirm option.

Unlike deposits, withdrawals through Sofort take more time. You may need to wait for 3 working days or 72 hours before having your liquidated winnings available in your bank account. The exact processing time would depend on the specific bank and online casino you use.

Sofort Makes Things Easier

Those who are into online gambling can make the most out of Sofort. This banking service can serve as a connecting channel between you, your bank, and the online casino—making things must easier on your end. You do not need to create an account of your own; as long as you have your current bank account and online casino account setup, you’re good to go.

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