Arrived at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah .The first of the new Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus (A320ceo) single-aisle coming from the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France, is the first of a total 30 aircraft of the same class within the agreement General signed acquires under “Saudi Arabia” (50) aircraft of which (20) other aircraft (A330-300 regional) twin-aisle were received (9) planes so far.

As he arrived at the same time other new aircraft, wide-bodied Boeing (B777-300ER) equipped with new wings for the first degree as well as characterized by its advanced capabilities and high specification offers guests a different travel experience which has distinctive services and privacy, the third plane of the same class, received by the national carrier in nearly a month, and the two aircraft will join the fleet of Saudi Arabian Airlines air carrier as soon as the necessary permits from the General Authority of civil Aviation and recorded according to regulations.

Featuring a plane (A320ceo) new high operational efficiency and the requirements of comfort and the latest technology in order to achieve for the visitors level, ahead of the service and well-being in the plane, which has a capacity of breech (144) seats, including 12 seats for business class and 132 seats for the degree of hospitality, was an update of the cabin The plane seats featuring modern contemporary design takes into account the high level of comfort and operational efficiency standards. ”

Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines Engineer Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Jasser said that the arrival of the planes new and joining the fleet of “Arabia” is an important addition to the quality of the potential of the institution and supports its strategic plans in the framework of Applied steps to program the transformation that is being implemented in all of the organization and its sectors Among the most prominent projects of this program initiative the modernization and development of the national carrier’s fleet to 200 new aircraft, which will enable the relay and the arrival of the aircraft, “Saudi Arabia” of a network of domestic and international flights development, as this initiative is integrated with the rest of the program initiatives, which include investment in human resources and raise operational efficiency and improve services, product development and harmonization of products with guests slices.

He added: “The new aircraft (A320ceo) will be allocated to serve the domestic sector, which is a serviced recreational integrated in the cabin with a touch screen and a high-tech clarity linked to automated booking system, where they are reviewing the guest’s name on his or her seat distinctive welcoming words, has also been added package of services various entertainment, which also includes the text and the updated news automatically clock in addition to knowledge of the guests prayer times according to the plane site atmosphere automatically cross-talk on the plane mapping system as well as providing Internet services air and roaming services for wireless entertainment where guests will be able to enjoy a bouquet variety of entertainment programs various cross-application load (SAUDIA SKYFI) before boarding and then connect to the Internet on board and watch various entertainment programs via personal devices, and the plane is equipped with techniques direct-dial television broadcast, which will be available starting from the middle of next year 2017 after it was signed agreement in this regard with the Technology Satellite Communications company last month. ”

Jasser confirmed that following the arrival of aircraft “Saudi Arabia” of the new fleet proceeding according to schedule exact praising the efforts of national cadres of high competence and training of those who contributed to the completion of the processes of assimilation and integration of what has been received from the new aircraft so far operating the system in a short period, which helped the operational goals of service The marketing of the institution.

And receives Saudi Arabian Airlines in the next couple of weeks (3) Other Airbus (A320ceo) and two Boeing (B777-300ER) and aircraft (A330-300 regional), which will enhance the potential of Saudi Arabian Airlines in support of operational and marketing capabilities and plans to strengthen network of domestic flights and provide more seating capacity, and access to new international stations, and enhance its competitive position on the regional and international levels.

The seating capacity of the Boeing (B777-300ER) (290) seats, including 12 first class and (36) for a business degree and 242 seats for the degree of hospitality, characterized by these aircraft wings first degree to which each wing containing a letter seat can be adjusted to relax extrovert and Luther’s seat, as well as a fully flat bed, as the wing sliding doors to give an area of ​​absolute privacy and includes a wing HD wide-screen (24-inch) to enjoy the content of entertainment throughout the trip, along with a large table for a meal to serve two guests, waved a letter touch It allows guests full control of the seat, and the wing provider flexible lighting system, as well as a private space to store personal belongings, as well as privacy and cover designer Arabic style unique.