Saudi Arabian Airlines has added fifty-one new service for its employees via smart devices applications to systems of institutional resources and staff are now able to take advantage of the new services on their mobile phones, operating these services in a secure environment compatible with all mobile phone systems and smart devices.

This comes within the framework of the executive steps to the initiatives of the transformation program in the organization and strategic plan of the institution (SV2020) In the context of improving the working environment and the development of internal procedures and technical investment modern in providing efficient and effective services and expanding to provide more self-service for staff and departments, which will lead to raising the efficiency ta’zir performance and the ability to provide the best services to the guests.

And a variety of new services to include government services, human resource services, training, transportation and promotions, financial services, issuance of residence services and exit visa and return, updated employee and family data, the renewal of labor card services, ticketing, as well as suggestions and other services that are becoming available to employees through their mobile phones .

Thus continues the launch of services that facilitated staff perform many actions, including the lifting of various documents, a property that aims to automate more than 120 service and conduct internally electronically using mobile phones, smart devices, as well as staff leave applications of various kinds, salary data, different definitions for staff , all types of purchase orders, business trips and many different services.

The new services as the second phase of the project, which was launched in the first of the month of May 2016 for the development of procedures and performance and improve work and savings environment, while the final stage will take place in November, thus completing the system of electronic services to employees through modern applications, which will have an effective impact on facilitating and developing services and make them accessible by a user on the clock and its impact on improving the working environment and the development of job performance.

And can be for employees of the institution and its units with strategic access to the applications of smart devices for the systems of institutional resources by double authentication at the time of entry for the first time just by smart devices which will then send a password-protected for the number of your employee phone and recorded in the “SAP” system, and then be able to access and use all the advantages of new services and applications, “SAP,” “Saudi Arabia.”

On the other hand and in the same context, inaugurated Saudi Arabian Airlines project fast self service for booking and ticketing for employees and retirees through the provision of computers and modern screens available by the private management of bookings and conductive network Intranet directly to the program, in the lobby of the main building of public administration in Saudi Arabia Khalidiya and building air operations and airport Jeddah King Abdulaziz international at the same time to facilitate the making reservations and ticketing for staff and their families.

The project aims to make the most of the technical advantage in making reservations and self-ticketing, which time and effort provides employees and provides services around the clock in several locations after it had been confined to the official working time through the internal ticket offices for employees, which will be reflected on the performance efficiency and enhance the ability to provide the best services to the guests, “Saudi Arabia.”

There are various services package offered by the system (E-started Business) to include free tickets and discount version, issuing boarding card, activate the repayment of the book certainly service, purchase tickets through credit cards, ticketing and other airlines which signed an agreement with Saudia, as well as a ticket to booking, change the booking to final confirmation, cancellation, ticket retrieval, query on the employee’s balance of tickets outstanding condition.