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SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning Service Optimizes Identity and Access Compliance Processes

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SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced general availability of SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning service, the latest in a range of services addressing market demand for identity management and access governance in the cloud.

Built upon SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the identity provisioning service is designed to help organizations centrally manage identities and optimize compliance processes across their business.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning is designed to work independently or in combination with related services, such as the identity authentication service and the access analysis service. In combination these services can help companies simplify the management of identities across a hybrid cloud and on-premise landscape.

The identity provisioning service enables customers to rely on a single data source for all of their identity information. This data source may be cloud-based, such as the identity authentication service, or located on premise, such as in an SAP S/4HANA software system. Using connectors to target systems both in the cloud and on premise, the identity provisioning service automates the synchronization of identity data across a customer’s landscape, helping to significantly reduce the complexity of operations. This allows customers to on-board users in an efficient way, as well as enabling instant single sign-on when integrated with the identity authentication service. It also helps ensure compliant management of user accounts and roles by enabling the use of a corporate-wide single source of truth for identity data.

The new provisioning service provides a fast and reliable solution for continuous compliance of identity data, by preventing noncompliant updates and keeping target system identity data in a stable, centrally managed state. Based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, it offers customers a low-cost subscription model, a modern, microservices-based architecture and a delightful user interface. By combining generic system connectors with data transformation capabilities, the service makes integration of source and target systems a simple and flexible task, allowing customers to quickly benefit from the identity provisioning service’s capabilities.

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