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Santander Launches Integration of Popular with Benefits for Customers and a Redesign of Branch Signage

  • Popular’s four million customers will have access to a network of 7,500 ATMs for free cash withdrawals.  
  • Retail and independent professionals will be able to do money transfers in euros for free among both banks.

Santander is taking another important step in the integration process of Banco Popular. From October 4, Popular’s branch signage will include the Banco Santander flame, an initial phase of the rebranding that will take place following operational integration, expected to happen in 2019.

In the next two weeks, Popular’s more than 1,200 branches in Spain and Pastor’s offices in Galicia will start to modify the signage on their facades to include a Grupo Santander endorsement and the Santander corporate color in their logos. The goal is to enhance the sense of integration and welcome Popular’s four million customers to Grupo Santander, following approval of the acquisition by competition authorities on August 8. Subsequently, the Santander logo will be included in other materials, such as business cards, website, branch displays, etcetera.

This initial phase of the rebranding will also involve specific benefits for Popular customers, as they will have access to free cash withdrawals at over 7,500 ATMs in Spain: Santander’s 5,000 tellers and Popular’s 2,500. Moreover, retail customers and independent professionals of both Popular and Santander will be able to make ordinary money transfers in euros between both banks without cost.

Rami Aboukhair, Santander Spain and Popular’s CEO, said: “We welcome Banco Popular’s customers to Grupo Santander. They can start to benefit from the advantages of the integration. We are committed to carrying out an exemplary integration resulting in a bank that will offer the best of both models. We are already part of the same team, which combines soundness, trust, strength, proximity and strives for excellence in customer service”.

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