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SACE’s Push Strategy: Driving Made in Italy Beyond Traditional Destinations

SACE Group’s Digitalisation Journey

Facilitate the positioning of small and medium-sized Italian exporters in the supply chains of large foreign corporations. This is the goal of the Push Strategy, the initiative through which SACE acts as a forerunner for Italian exports in high potential markets for Made in Italy.

The programme, launched in 2017, leverages the experience acquired by SACE in over forty years of activity in international markets. An experience strengthened by SACE’s presence through its 12 International Offices located in the most strategic countries for Made in Italy exports, which over the years have forged strategic relationships with local institutions and counterparts.

And it is precisely local counterparts that are the primary target of the Push Strategy.

This innovative initiative developed by SACE provides access to medium-long term financing for selected leading foreign buyers, guaranteed by SACE, in order to finance their investment plans.

The financing agreement also envisages a commitment by the foreign buyer to evaluate Made in Italy supplies for the implementation of their investment plan, facilitated by business matching events, organised by SACE, between Italian SMEs interested in being accredited as suppliers and the procurement teams of the foreign counterparts benefiting from the credit lines.

From 2017 to date, many operations have been carried out in the Push Strategy programme and SACE aims to increase this number even further, supporting Italian exports’ penetration in new markets or in those where there is still an ample room for growth. Overall, a total of 2.74 billion euros in resources have been deployed in these operations, generating additional exports of 1.6 billion euros. In total, there have been 32 business matching meetings with approx. 1200 Italian companies participating, most of them SMEs.

2021 was a year full of successes for SACE and the Push Strategy. Indeed, during the year, several important operations were completed with numerous international partners, including NutiFood, the first Push concluded in Vietnam and in the Food & Beverage sector. It was a loan worth 31 million euros, implemented thanks to the consolidated cooperation between HSBC and SACE in markets and sectors considered as priorities. The core of the operation has been NutiFood’s commitment to facilitate its commercial relations with Italian companies so as to increase the Group’s Made in Italy supplies over the next three years.

Another “first-time” was with Hengli, a Chinese group active in a number of industries including chemicals, automotive, pharmaceuticals and textiles, as well as one of the world’s largest polyester producers. Also in this case, in fact, it was the first loan concluded within the framework of the SACE Push Strategy in China, a market in which prospects for Italian exports in 2022 are expected to grow by 4.2%, but where competition from local banks is very fierce, penalising the presence of international and Italian banks. The completion of this operation represented an extraordinary result for the Italian System and an encouraging sign to push on the accelerator.

The relationship with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the third largest Turkish municipality, with which SACE had already collaborated in the past, has also been consolidated. The latter has benefited from a 50 million euros loan, provided by ING Germany and guaranteed by SACE, to support the export of Italian small and medium-sized companies, which will have the opportunity to be part of Izmir’s investment plan for the development and maintenance of infrastructures, rail, metro and road transport, as well as port logistics.

Finally, the operation with the ArchirodonGroup, active since 1959 in the infrastructure and construction sector in many important geographies for Made in Italy, in particular in the Middle East, was recently concluded. This Push is of great relevance to SACE since it is the first one concluded within the context of the Sustainability Linked Loan principles. Indeed, the loan, provided by HSBC, will support Archirodon’s investment plans, which include green projects in the Middle East. The business matching events with the Group have begun last year, with the participation of 107 Italian exporting companies.

Michal Ron, Chief International Officer of SACE, commented: “In the light of our mission to support the export and internationalisation of Italian companies, SACE has constantly expanded its product portfolio and the Push Strategy represents the peak of this process of strengthening the tools made available to companies. This initiative has proven to be incredibly efficient and, since it was launched, has continued to grow and evolve, as demonstrated by the recent operation concluded by SACE with HSBC and the Dutch Archirodon Group, the first Push Strategy concluded in line with the Sustainability Linked Loan principles, combining SACE’s commitment to support Italian companies and the ecological transition. The Push Strategy Programme is made possible by the support of SACE’s consolidated international network, which, beyond the national borders, can count on 12 offices in the most strategic areas of the globe”.

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