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Ronn Torossian On Public Relations Trends in 2022

Ronn torossian

According to Ronn Torossian, these days, it’s not surprising for businesses to learn that their consumers need to connect with them through a story. Whether that business is going to be a small boutique store or a popular fast food chain, all consumers love to hear personal anecdotes, which means companies have to invest in finding and developing those anecdotes to be able to promote themselves and their solutions and connect with potential consumers.

In fact, without a story that’s going to grab the attention of the target audience and develop an emotional relationship between the company and its customers, companies won’t be able to generate more sales and revenue or grow in the first place.

After all, the story that a company has and is willing to share with the rest of the world is going to be at the core of all promotional efforts that the business invests in, from things like content marketing efforts to public relations efforts and even content marketing.


Ronn Torossian says a lot of people, when they make purchasing decisions, they do so based on emotion, and then justify the decisions with some logic. That means companies have to invest in developing an emotional bond with their target audience and to do that, companies have to create genuine stories that the audience will be able to connect with.

In today’s automated and fast-paced world, the one thing that consumers want to see more than anything from brands is authenticity.

In fact, according to research, one of the biggest reasons why consumers tend to stay loyal to a brand is because of the storytelling that the brand demonstrated during its promotional efforts. This is going to become an even bigger trend in the future in terms of public relations.

Although a brand story can’t really be fake, it’s important for companies to really figure out what makes them stand out from their market competitors, and then develop a story that’s going to connect them with their target audience.

Given the vast number of companies that are being launched every day, across every industry, it’s going to be the company that has an emotional story for its target audience to connect with that will be able to stand out from such a crowded market and succeed over a long period of time.

Ronn Torossian On Content

Ronn Torossian says another thing that tends to go hand in hand with storytelling in public relations is content and not just content creation, but content marketing as a whole. Content marketing efforts require a lot of strategies, research, and high-quality writing so that companies will be able to figure out the heart of their stories and develop them in a way that appeals to their target audiences.

It’s one thing to create a press release, but it’s a completely different task for a business to launch a new public relations campaign that’s going to grab the attention of the target audience and be relevant in the process. Despite the fact that marketing and public relations are two different industries, both of them can help each other. Public relations efforts are all about storytelling, while marketing efforts are all about promoting the story of a brand.

However, solely investing in one over the other doesn’t generate positive results for businesses – marketing efforts will end up being wasted without a story, and public relations efforts will end up being wasted without additional promotion. That is the main reason why before any company is able to start investing in any sort of promotional efforts, it needs to figure out the story that it wants the rest of the world to know about itself, and then start developing content around that story, or even simply the core message that the business wants the target audience to understand.

That means companies also have to invest in conducting audience research to be able to figure out the types of content that the target audience prefers to see or consume, as well as the platforms that they prefer to do that through so that when the company is ready to share its story with the world, it will be able to do so with the right types of content, on the right platforms.

Affiliate marketing

Torossian adds that companies should start combining their public relations efforts with their marketing efforts, and more specifically, with affiliate marketing, to generate more positive results and sales. Through affiliate marketing efforts, businesses will be able to pay for the promotion that is generated from publishers, bloggers, editors, influencers, and journalists with a commission when they bring in a new sale to the company.

Now, instead of companies keeping their promotional efforts in terms of affiliate marketing, and their public relations campaigns completely separate, pairing them together is slowly becoming popular and is going to continue to do so in the future.

After all, through public relations efforts, companies are able to establish and develop relationships with various types of people which can easily be turned into affiliates for a business, while the company still works on maintaining the relationships that it already has established with other reporters, editors, and outlets at the same time.

Additionally, given the fact that affiliate marketing is also all about relationships, similar to the way that public relations efforts, businesses get to increase their chances of generating sales through their affiliate marketing efforts if they’re able to create a thorough and strong affiliate marketing effort.

Finally, having an affiliate relationship with someone is a great way for companies to generate some more positive media coverage. This is simply because the outlet will already be familiar with the company or its solutions, which can significantly increase a company’s chances of securing some earned media coverage with that outlet.

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