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Reebok Opens Global Flagship Store at New Boston Hq

Customization will be a key element of brand’s newest retail location

Global fitness lifestyle brand Reebok opened its flagship retail store at the brand’s new headquarters in South Boston.

Located at 25 Drydock Avenue within the Innovation and Design Building, the Reebok Boston store is a truly unique retail experience. A key feature is the YourReebok Customization Shop, allowing consumers to create custom and personalized products on site.

The new Boston location is the only Reebok store in the world where customers can have a customized version of brand’s iconic Classic Leather shoe, made by hand, on site. In addition, consumers will be able to design personalized graphic apparel and accessories, produced on site in just minutes.

The new store will be home to exclusive Boston-specific products and limited-edition product ranges. In addition, product testing will be seamlessly integrated, with consumers able to test footwear prior to purchase in the store, in the surrounding neighborhood or at Reebok’s state-of-the-art fitness facility.

“We are incorporating best-in-class retail technology and customer service at this flagship store,” said Paul Froio, Reebok VP of US Retail. “We want it to be much more than a store.  It’s a full brand experience. We want to encourage discovery, and we’re honoring our heritage of in-house shoe making with unprecedented on-site customization. This will also be THE location for exclusive, extremely limited editions of key styles, so we know this store will be a real destination for sneakerheads.”

The design of the Reebok Boston store is an update of the brand’s FitHub retail concept, which was introduced in 2012.  A key focus for the updated design was to seamlessly integrate the brand’s Classics range within its extensive fitness offering.

“Reebok is a fitness lifestyle brand. We have a deep heritage which is reflected in our Classics product, and we are laser focused on bringing the best, most innovative fitness product to market,” said Froio.   “This store design allows us to seamlessly bring together fashion and fitness in a unique way. When you walk into the store, the lines between fitness and lifestyle are blurred –  and for good reason. More and more, this is the way our consumer purchases and wears our products.”

“For the look and feel of the store, our design team took inspiration from fitness studios and gyms, as well as a maker’s workshop. With warm textures of worn wood, a palette of white and greys and technical materials intermixed, the space evokes a feeling that is inviting to both genders,” said Peter Quagge, Reebok’s Director of Retail Design. “The premium feeling brings the full breadth of the Reebok brand to life for our consumer, and provides a fantastic backdrop for the best fitness lifestyle product available today.”

In addition, the store features enhanced digital displays, online ordering, as well as mobile point-of-sale and payment methods to deliver a premium consumer brand experience.

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