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PlayStation Studios Is Getting Into Mobile Games

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There has been some rather exciting news regarding the mobile gaming industry, as Sony has revealed that they are looking to launch themselves within the market. They are set to do this via the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, where they will then establish its PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

The Sony group are looking to expand its reach as much as possible and diversify as they look to try and obtain as much of the market as possible, especially as there are so many different options available nowadays. This will also include the online casino industry which has proven popular with gamers. With a number of online casino bonuses listed at TBC, gamers are now able to enjoy an immersive and safe gaming experience that can be incredibly difficult to challenge, especially as the bonuses enhance gameplay further.

This is something the company recognizes, though, as they have detailed that they will need to try and continue in their efforts to make their games as enjoyable as ever, while also providing newer ways in which people can engage with the content created.

According to Hulst, PlayStation Studios must keep broadening and diversifying their selection of games beyond consoles to reach a more significant number of players. Another tactical move toward that objective is acquiring the skilled group at Savage Game Studios; a Berlin-based studio.

Naturally, there is a lot of excitement at the moment around the company, as well as significant confidence regarding the expansion and the potential success that it could have. Indeed, the personnel to be working with the company have plenty of experience regarding a number of other mobile games to have been released in the past.

Veteran game developers Michail Katkoff, Nadjim Adjir, and Michael McManus founded Savage Game Studios in 2020; the company has not yet released a game. They have decades of combined experience working at studios such as Spider-Man’s Insomniac Games, World of Tanks’ Wargaming, Clash of Clans’ Supercell, Farmville’s Zynga, and Angry Birds’ Rovio.

We do not quite know what the plans are for the next titles to be released as of this moment, with some suggestions that it could be something completely new, while others suggest it may be an expansion of an existing franchise.

Meanwhile, Sony’s PC publishing business has focused on bringing existing console games to computers. The most successful of these have been God of War and Spider-Man. The company recently purchased a porting studio called Nixxes and established a new PlayStation PC label, hoping to make $300 million from PC gaming in the future.


Sony’s acquisition of Savage Game Studios is expected to help them focus more on the mobile gaming market. This could likely also be a good indicator of Sony’s future endeavours in the mobile game market, considering their staffing up with other veterans in the industry. The positive impact that Savage Game Studios have made indicates that they could be headed in a positive direction by bringing more mobile games to their PlayStation ecosystem.

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