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Outside-In: Getting Interior Curb Appeal

Outside In Getting Interior Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something that appears to make or break a property. When you are selling up yet you are looking to reduce the costs of your home, you can shake up the exterior in very simple ways. But while curb appeal serves to pique the interests of a potential home buyer, they have still got to come into the property. Therefore, bringing this idea of curb appeal indoors is just as important. That’s not to say you should turn your property into a show home, but there are things that you can do to shake it up. What are these?

Go for a Neutral Property

Rule number one when it comes to helping a potential buyer visualize themselves in a property is to make your home as neutral as possible. It’s about bringing down to the bare basics. If you’ve got bold colors, now is the time to bring it back to grey or muted tones to make it a blank canvas. Balance is vital. And therefore, if you’ve invested in engineered wood flooring as a way to reinvigorate the feel of the space, the walls have to mirror this. The floor is something that we all notice as soon as we step into a property and by making the space a blank canvas, make sure the walls compliment it. This means getting the right color to complement the floor and also make sure you remove any pictures of you and the family. It is a blank canvas!

Outside-In: Getting Interior Curb Appeal

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Look at Your Lighting

When done right, lighting completely transforms a space. And even if you’ve got stylish rooms, the wrong type of lighting can go against you. The best place to begin is to look at the light bulbs you are using. When you think about lights, you need to to incorporate layers. The base lighting will help to provide a foundation, and this is the overhead light. You can then incorporate accent lights or lamps to add more mood and depth. But also, think about the purpose of the space. A living room will need warmer lighting as this will be more associated with coziness. The best thing you can do is to recreate natural light during the day and incorporate warmth during the evening.

Show the Potential of the Space

If there are unused parts of the home that you never figured out what they could be used for, now is the ideal opportunity to show the potential of your home’s quirks. It doesn’t have to be about how you’ve used the space. It’s about making it feel like a blank canvas. You may think that a living room only has a certain number of permutations, but something as simple as a long window sill could become a reading space rather than somewhere to put the couch. Also, think about vertical storage to maximize the space’s efficiency.

That idea of curb appeal is so important and while many people will have decided in a matter of seconds if they want to purchase a property based on the exterior, the interior will always tip the balance.

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