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No card? No cash? No problem! Let’s pay, let’s BLIK!

No card? No cash? No problem! ING customers in Poland can now pay in shops or withdraw cash from ATMs without a bank card following the introduction of a new standard for mobile payments.

In February, six of the biggest banks in Poland, including ING Bank Śląski, introduced BLIK, which aims to make paying with a phone simple and easy. Rather than use a card or hand over cash for a transaction, users simply enter a six digit code into their phone app.

Simplicity, safety and speed are the features of the new system. With BLIK it is possible to pay either in a traditional shop or online without the need to enter any sensitive data (for example, user’s name, number or validity of the card). Currently there is an ever-growing network of shops that are accepting BLIK payments.ING 1

New opportunities: withdraw cash and cheques via e-mail or SMS.

But it’s not only payments that are possible with BLIK. It is also possible to withdraw cash from an ATM. ING customers may make withdrawals with BLIK not only from ING Bank Śląski ATMs, but also other banks. Users can also create BLIK cheques with their ING BankMobile application. Using a nine-digit code, the cheques can be used later or shared with other people via e-mail or SMS.

BLIK and the ING BankMobile application are available for users of BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8.0, Android 2.2, iOS 6 and newer systems. To use BLIK, a personal account with ING Bank Śląski and the installation of ING’s BankMobile application are required.

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