Commonwealth Bank, in partnership with UNSW’s Gendered Violence Research Network, has released a new research paper with areas of focus for financial institutions to provide better support for people impacted by economic and financial abuse through intimate partner relationships.

The paper, authored by Jan Breckenridge, Professor and Co-Convenor UNSW Gendered Violence Research Network, and titled ‘Understanding Economic and Financial Abuse in Intimate Partner Relationships’, is the first in a six-part series that will provide one of the most comprehensive compendiums of evidence and information about financial abuse within Australia to date.

CBA’s Group Executive, Sian Lewis, said: “Financial abuse is a hidden epidemic affecting thousands of Australians who are experiencing domestic and family violence. Yet, there is limited academic evidence on the issue making it difficult to develop and deliver effective support for people impacted. The purpose of this research series is to improve our understanding of the issue so we as a bank, and as a society, can improve our responses and support.”