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Nan Shan Life Insurance Wins the ‘Best Life Insurance Brand –Taiwan 2016’ Award by Global Brands Magazine (GBM)

The Global Brands Magazine (GBM), UK, awarded Nan Shan Life Insurance the title ‘Best Life Insurance Brand Taiwan 2016‘


Global Brands Magazine (GBM) is a prestigious online and print magazine in the United Kingdom for the leading brands of all industries across the globe. GBM provides the readers with in-depth and updated news, reviews, opinions, polls on ‘best-in-class’ brands.

The Annual Brand Awards aim to identify and reward exceptional service delivery by celebrating ‘best in class’ brands. The judging criteria behind the Global Brands Awards includes an assessment of the  financials, growth, service, customer experience and branding activities by a research team in partnership with an external judging panel from the relevant region.

Award announcement on GBM:


  1. T. Tu, the Chairman of Nan Shan Life Insurance shared his sentiments on an interview with GBM “It’s such an honor to win Global Brands Awards for Nan Shan Life. Nan Shan aims at becoming a paragon of “public welfare services” by developing insurance products and services for various life stages in order to help customers build comprehensive insurance coverage. The recognition goes to Nan Shan’s insight and commitment to enhancing our products and service through corporate social feedback”

About Nan Shan Life Insurance

Incorporated in July 1963, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Nan Shan”) has been running its business in Taiwan for half a century. Nan Shan is highly regarded for its professional management and financial soundness and is well recognized for its leadership role in quality agents, professional training and education, technology solutions, and customer services.

Holding fast to the belief in trust, caring and integrity, Nan Shan keeps customers’ interests at heart and provides caring services and innovative products that far exceed customers’ expectations.

About Global Brands Magazine

Global Brands Magazine is the one of the world’s best branding publication. The magazine provides the reader with up- to date news, reviews, polls on brands across the globe. The Magazine is head-quartered in England. For more information please visit

SOURCE Global Brands Publications Limited

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