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  • Original and exclusive accessories for the Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Lancia, Fiat and Jeep brands
  • Merchandising: new products for the Alfa Romeo 4C and new collections for the Fiat 500L Trekking and 500L Living
  • and : the online virtual stores dedicated to the Alfa Romeo and Fiat accessories and merchandising
  • Original parts designed and distributed by Mopar
  • The Customer Care applications of Fiat Group Automobiles: more and more digital, more and more useful
  • Technical Service: Wi-Advisor, the new generation of digital media for the service network
  • Mopar Vehicle Protection: extending its offer of maintenance plans and warranties for our customers
  • Début of ‘Mopar Owner Centre’, the new web platform dedicated to after-sales services.
  • Mopar: worldwide integration at the service of the customer

Mopar – the Parts & Service and Customer Care Division of the Fiat and Chrysler Groups – will be taking part at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show offering the public the opportunity to get a close-up look at both some accessories mounted on the cars on display and a selection of the most exclusive merchandising items at the stands housing the Fiat Group Automobiles automotive brands.

Original accessories for the Fiat and Chrysler Group brands

The accessories business represents an international market worth 70 thousand million dollars. This is Mopar’s sphere of activity and it offers more than 25,000 top-quality accessories in more than 130 countries. “We see a constant, incredible demand for personalisation in the automotive market,” said Pietro Gorlier, Chairman and CEO of Mopar. “Whether it’s boosted performance, accessories or innovative, cutting-edge technology, customers want their cars to stand out. At Mopar, we offer a complete range and accessories specifically developed and tested to keep the quality of their vehicles unaltered.”

In detail, Mopar offers a long list of products that are exclusive and unique because they are developed jointly with the design team of the car. The Frankfurt public can become familiar with some of them installed both on displayed cars and in a dedicated area of the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep and Abarth stands. Starting from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY 2014 model that offers the sports pedal unit, black gear lever knob, special kick plate and fuel cap, in addition to the velour mats with Giulietta logo and custom valve caps. What’s more, an engaging Mopar store has been set up over a large area of the stand. Here it will be possible to see and purchase the extremely high-quality items that make up the merchandising collections dedicated to Alfa Romeo models.  All the products of these new lines are already available with the authorised network and at the e-commerce stores (; ).

There is also a Fiat Panda 4×4 1.3 MultiJet model equipped with some exclusive Mopar accessories such as the Blue&Me TomTom navigator, painted components (mirror covers, longitudinal roof bars and hub caps), velour mats with Panda logo, custom Fiat valve caps and clothes hooks. Furthermore, the public can take a close look at and purchase the products of the merchandising collections dedicated to Fiat models in the Mopar store set up on the stand.

The spotlight will also be on the Lancia exhibition area where a model of the Delta MY 2014 ‘Moparized’ with chrome covers, velour mats, sports pedal unit and special kick plate will be on display.

Turning to the Jeep range, last June we built two show cars that highlight the two souls of the Jeep-Mopar partnership and that enhance their characteristics.
A Wrangler Sahara Unlimited “street urban” vehicle displayed at the Rome Jeep-Harley-Davison event is equipped with a Mopar accessory kit, including the new ‘Light Bar’ for the first time ever, and a Wrangler Sahara Unlimited “dark side” shown at the Maggiora Jeepers Meeting.

After listening to the opinions of the fans, Mopar is presenting the Wrangler Rubicon by Mopar at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This configuration depicts the ideal balance between the street and off-road souls. In particular, the model is equipped with protective side platforms, a half door kit, light bar with additional lamps for off-road, inside bag for tools and accessories, additional handles, mirror and spare wheel covers, technical rubber mats with Jeep logo and a number of others.

The spotlight will also be on a Jeep Compass vehicle personalised with a rubber lining for the load platform and stainless steel kick plate with ‘Compass’ wording, both by Mopar, and a Grand Cherokee Overland customised with exclusive Mopar accessories including a removable tow hook, boot compartment lining and kick plate with the ‘Jeep’ logo illuminated.

Merchandising: new products for the Alfa Romeo 4C and new collections for the Fiat 500L Trekking and 500L Living

In collaboration with the Fiat Group Automobiles brands, Mopar has developed a series of products designed to communicate directly with customers. These top-quality, highly original products are displayed in the official catalogues. They are grouped by themed areas such as, to name just a few, ‘Clothing’, ‘Style Accessories’, ‘Design’, ‘Technology’, ‘Decorative Items’ and ‘Heritage’. They are an exclusive collection intended to express and portray a lifestyle that can allow customers to live out a unique ‘Brand experience’.

Some brand-new items for Alfa Romeo 4C enthusiasts and two new collections dedicated to the latest developments of the 500 family – the Fiat 500L Living and 500L Trekking – will be seen for the first time at the Frankfurt show.
In perfect tune with the ‘free spirit’ of the Fiat 500L Trekking, Mopar has created a special merchandising collection that allows motorists to live the style of the model to the fullest. The range of top-quality products includes a waterproof travel bag, multipurpose PC shoulder bag with a safari look and the Bluetooth speaker to play your favourite music in the open air. There is also room for casual and comfortable attire, for wearing your fun: the safari polo shirt (for men and women) and a cap made of non-allergic, natural bamboo fibre with embroidered logo.

In the same way Mopar has created a special merchandising collection dedicated to the Fiat 500L Living, the first vehicle for the whole family, a car which appeals to a wide range of consumers, thanks to its combination of style, functionality and efficiency.

Finally, the Frankfurt Motor Show is an ideal opportunity for showing the new products of the exclusive merchandising collection inspired by the compact Alfa Romeo 4C supercar made by Mopar in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Style Centre. Today the tantalising series is enriched with a long board with full carbon structure, designed exclusively for the brand and built using materials and lines typical of Alfa’s DNA. Other new products include the sporty red 4C sweatshirt with hood personalised with rich embroidery work and the backpack sporting a unique design and made of a waterproof fabric, complete with roomy pockets and a special device that increases its capacity. We also find the pen designed exclusively for the Alfa 4C, inspired by its aggressive lines and made with the same materials used on the car, such as carbon and aluminium.

These products are added to the already rich collection that reflects the sports essence of the Alfa Romeo 4C, reinforcing its premium identity both in design and in materials used (aluminium, carbon, leather). This way, the connection between the model and the line of merchandising is clear and fundamental. The product range, the development of which was coordinated by Mopar, includes various types of item: these include the more iconic, able to express the brand’s image and the content of its DNA to the full, such as the aluminium luge and the carbon sunglasses. Then there are those designed with fashion and lifestyle in mind, such as the high-impermeability raincoat and the carbon brushed sweatshirt with softshell inserts. A more technological area is occupied by the ski goggles or snowboard with GPS connection for augmented reality. The car-shaped USB drive and the carbon cover for iPhone or iPad, on the other hand, are more geared towards fun.

The online virtual stores dedicated to the Alfa Romeo and Fiat accessories and merchandising

The role of Mopar is to interpret the DNA and values of the Fiat Group Automobiles Brands through merchandising. Mopar has recently launched the virtual stores of the two brands in response to the huge demand from fans of Alfa Romeo and Fiat. In detail, by going you can consult and purchase the entire Fiat collection, along with those specific for the 500, 500L and Heritage, in addition to the new lines dedicated to the Fiat 500L Trekking and Fiat 500L Living. The Alfa Romeo store is where fans can easily and intuitively navigate to discover all the new official merchandising products ranging from clothing to technological objects, including the precious vintage Alfa Romeo line and the new line dedicated to the fascinating compact Alfa Romeo 4C supercar. The virtual store was designed to communicate and show off the reality of a historic and distinctively Italian Brand that for more than a hundred years has always kept pace with the times but never forgotten its roots.
The new online Alfa Romeo store, which can be found at, can also be accessed through all official Alfa Romeo sites and through the new

Original Parts designed and distributed by Mopar.

Only those who truly know every single detail and component of a car are able to look after it comprehensively. That’s why Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat Professional, Jeep® and Abarth original parts, distributed by Mopar, are conceived and designed to preserve the characteristics of reliability, comfort and performance over time that the car can guarantee the moment it leaves the factory. In particular and from today, users who access the ‘Original Parts’ section of the site can inform themselves on the products offered by Mopar, accompanied by images, interesting facts and handy advice for keeping your car in perfect shape.

The Customer Care applications of Fiat Group Automobiles

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mopar will also be presenting its range of Customer Care apps that have recorded more than 258,000 downloads in Europe. “Ciao Fiat Mobile”, “Lancia Everywhere Mobile”, “Alfa Romeo InfoMobile”, “I am Jeep Mobile” and “Abarth24h Mobile” are freely available in five languages and for 15 European countries for iPhone and Android and supply information and assistance simply and quickly.

Among the services recently released and currently available for Italian customers are the “FAQ” – Frequently Asked Questions – module that provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by customers, and the integration of Twitter as a new channel of interaction with Customer Care on the Lancia and Jeep “Contact Us”. By sending a public tweet or a private message to @LanciaCareIT and @JeepCareIT, customers and Twitter users can receive support.

In addition to continuous improvement of the user experience and the extension of services in European markets, the following digital developments will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show:

  • Jeep® Travel, a service dedicated to the four-wheeled travel community allowing it to share experiences and emotions through images, videos, texts and geo-localised routes, will be available on “I am Jeep mobile”.
  • The “Augmented Reality” service on “Alfa Romeo InfoMobile”, “Everywhere Lancia Mobile” and “Ciao Fiat Mobile” is now enriched with new multimedia content with the catalogues of Alfa Romeo 4C, Lancia Ypsilon MOMODESIGN and 500L Living in certain European markets.
  • “Everywhere Lancia Tablet”, the Lancia app for iPad, is available on the main European markets and offers Italian users “Cinema” – to learn about the latest movies, reviews, trailers, and find the nearest cinema – and the “Traffic” service – which updates you on traffic conditions on the main bypasses and motorways.

Technical Service

Mopar® EMEA also handles technical service activities, through the service network, made up of dealers, workshops and authorised body shops.

All customers can take advantage of a specialist technical service, through the 12 thousand service centres throughout Europe, accessible both directly, taking the car to a workshop, and through the assistance of Customer Service and Roadside Assistance (called “Free-to-go”). This generates about 10 million entries in workshops all over Europe.
To assess satisfaction with the service, targeted telephone surveys are carried out on a significant sample of more than 200 thousand customers throughout Europe.

Wi-Advisor: the new generation of digital media for the service network

Presented in May at Dealer Day in Verona, Italy, wiAdvisor is the computerised reception system based on the use of tablets and is already at the pilot stage.
The new frontier of the Mopar 2.0 workshop. It is a true revolution for all Authorised Dealerships that allows receptionists (i.e., those who welcome the customer and make the “first diagnosis” of the car) to put their hands on an advanced tool to inspect the vehicle while checking its conditions in a fast, efficient and transparent way. By using wiADVISOR technology combined with a tablet, the technician can graphically show the customer any anomalies and where he will intervene.
In this way he improves quality and speed of service.  With this new approach, the customer is at the centre of the entire acceptance phase. He can ask questions and clarifications at any time in the interest of transparency, precision, frankness and uniformity of treatment.
The project is rapidly spreading to the Italian service network and will then be extended to the entire EMEA region in 2014.

Through its own training division, MOPAR® Technical Service organises targeted courses for all roles in the network, assessing and certifying the various skills both in terms of technique and conduct.

MOPAR® Vehicle Protection

  • The only maintenance and mechanical coverage plans guaranteed by Fiat Group Automobiles
  • A brand present throughout the EMEA region with a rich portfolio of services
  • All of the advantages offered on the official network, by qualified technicians using original parts

“Mopar® Vehicle Protection” offers the only service contracts guaranteed by Fiat Group Automobiles. With Mopar® Vehicle Protection maintenance and mechanical coverage plans customers can rely on technical assistance available across the European network of authorised Fiat dealerships. Maintenance and repair work is performed by manufacturer-trained technicians using original parts specifically designed for each vehicle.

Present in over 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a portfolio of more than 50 products, “Mopar® Vehicle Protection” has developed an offer which meets every customer’s needs: in 2013 more than one vehicle in four will be supported by a Mopar® Vehicle Protection plan.

The range of Mopar® Vehicle Protection services is constantly being updated and offers three levels of mechanical protection, all created to extend the manufacturer’s warrantee from three to five years and the most suitable mileage for the customers and their vehicle use.
•    Maximum Care: the mechanical coverage which extends the manufacturer’s warranty. The optimum coverage for each mechanical component.
•    Added Care: the best coverage at a competitive price.
•    Powertrain Care: the coverage includes the engine and transmission to ensure the mobility of the vehicle

Mopar® Vehicle Protection has designed two maintenance plans to ensure that the vehicle is always in perfect condition:

•    Easy Pack, includes all scheduled maintenance, from two to five services
•    Premium Pack, in the Gold, Silver and Bronze versions, offers not only scheduled maintenance, but also that for the parts subject to wear that normally have to be replaced during the life cycle of the vehicle.

Other services are also available, designed to always ensure the best driving experience:

•    seasonal check-up plans, which can be purchased individually or in packages so the vehicle is always in top shape.
•    Free2go++, the roadside assistance which extends the service offered during the contractual warranty.

Owner Centre: the new frontier of the web is Mopar

Following the launch of the website in Geneva, the brand is presenting the new integrated aftersales platform that offers a complete range of content and information on the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep and Abarth models. This innovative digital tool puts current and future customers in direct contact with the brand of their interest.

Going online in Italy on 1 October, the platform places two navigation levels at the user’s disposal: one that is ‘public’ and another ‘private’ one with personal login.

The first level lets any user find information on original parts and on how to personalise Group vehicles; direct access to all Customer Care channels; the warranty and maintenance plans; all the roadside assistance services; a direct link to the virtual stores; and the complete list of authorised dealers and service centres. Owner Centre is a therefore a genuine showcase where the Group’s know-how is openly shared in an attractive way, also owing to its simple and intuitive graphics.

The digital platform has a second navigation level. For the first time ever in the automotive industry, Fiat Chrysler Group customers can access a dedicated area using the logins they use on the social channels. When entering their number plate or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), users will get all the specific information about their cars. Furthermore, if the user also enters the car’s data, the system will send all the information helpful for keeping the car in perfect shape in the most inexpensive way. Also available online is an agenda so users can organise their appointments, set up appointments with their dealers, and get information about Brand events. Special offers will be proposed to personalise the user’s car. Another novelty is the possibility for a user to manage several Group cars, which is a particularly interesting function for a fleet manager.  The ability to manage an online diary, schedule an appointment directly with your preferred Dealer and receive real-time information on promotions and the launch of new products are just some of the services that the owner centre can guarantee for users.

History: worldwide integration at the service of the customer

  • One of the leading players in the international market.
  • The new Mopar springs from the encounter and exchange of excellence between the Fiat and Chrysler Groups
  • Mopar: a legend born in 1937 in the United States

The partnership between Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Group LLC is continuing by expanding the coverage of Mopar in the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and integrating services, spare parts and customer service programmes. The goal is to boost support to Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep®, Lancia, SRT and Ram dealers and customers on an even more global level.

The new sales strategy is the natural consequence of both auto makers’ choice to share many components and systems across models to rationalise not only global distribution, but service procedures as well. The result will be improved efficiency and natural consolidation to the benefit of customers. This complete service is summed up by the new slogan “Mopar. More care for your car” that the EMEA division of Mopar – sporting a new silver logo which distinguishes it from the blue logo of the global brand – will be using to introduce itself to the general public.

MOPAR: one of the leading players in the international market

Mopar is the reference brand for all original parts and accessories for the Fiat S.p.A. and Chrysler Group LLC brands. Mopar products are unique, as they are designed in collaboration with the same teams who define the technical specifications of vehicles from the two Groups.
A united international organisation that can already take pride in truly amazing figures:

  • a widespread presence with distribution in over 130 countries.
  • more than 50 distribution centres.
  • more than 45 sales offices.
  • more than 20 contact centres.
  • more than 500,000 spare parts and accessory components listed in the catalogue.
  • more than 2,000,000 m² of total spare parts warehouse space.
  • more than 11,000 delivery address centres.
  • more than 400,000 orders every day.
  • more than 12,000 dealers/subdealers.

These figures demonstrate how much Mopar places customer satisfaction amongst its absolute priorities. All the more reason for this lies in about 70 million Chrysler Group and Fiat vehicles estimated on the world’s roads.
The integration process was set in motion with the new packaging that distinguishes all of the new products. It incorporates the name Mopar® and the logos of the Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep®, Lancia, SRT and Ram brands.

The new Mopar springs from the encounter and exchange of excellence

The new MOPAR springs precisely from the encounter and respective exchange of excellence. In particular, the experience of Fiat Parts & Service provides the trendy personalisations and Italian-style accessories which are proving so successful also in the USA thanks to the Fiat 500. In parallel, many of the innovations that have changed the aftersales world for ever were created by Mopar.  Some of these many innovations are smartphone on-board information apps, owner handbooks in electronic format on DVD and in brief user-guide format, and a wireless on-board recharging system for portable devices.  Mopar was the first to transform a car into a wireless access area and the first to put EVTS (Electronic Vehicle Tracking System) on the market, an innovative positioning device which sends a text message to the owner if the car is driven too fast or too far according to preset parameters.

Mopar brand: 76 years of success in more than 130 countries

Established in 1937, the Mopar brand (a simple contraction of the words MOtor and PARts) started making a name for itself in the 1960s – the muscle-car era. The Chrysler Corporation built race-ready Dodges and Plymouths equipped with special parts that took them to top-performance levels. Mopar started carrying a specific line of “special parts” for racers and developed its racing parts division called Mopar Performance Parts, steering toward satisfying customers constantly seeking greater power and handling for both road and racing use. The brand then extended its activities to include the technical servicing and customer care business.
After 76 years of business, Mopar is one of the leading players in the market and today it is increasingly integrated with the activities of Fiat Group Automobiles. Suffice it to say that the global range of Mopar includes more than 500,000 spare parts and accessories distributed in over 130 countries. Its mission is to ensure that each customer of the Fiat and Chrysler Groups brands can benefit from its exceptional worldwide experience in all areas of aftersales by offering top-flight customer service, cutting-edge technologies and innovative, original, high-quality products.

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