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Modern Gentlemen Choose Rebus Signet Rings as Alternative Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Matrimony recognizes the union between spouses—the love and commitment for one another, both legally and spiritually. A joyous and monumental occasion, it inspires couples to consider symbols and details that reflect the journey, as well as the future. Throughout history, jewelry has played an important role in the celebration of marriage, as a token of both the day itself, and the days ahead. Specializing in craftsmanship and striking commemorative design, Rebus has over two decades of experience creating one-of-a-kind hand carved signet rings for aesthetes. As more brides and grooms seek sophisticated, custom details for the big day, they turn to Rebus signet rings for alternative wedding bands and bridal jewelry. 

Emmet Smith, Founder and Owner of Rebus, says, “’Wedds’, as us jewelers call them, symbolize love and commitment. The traditional wedding band is slowly evolving into statements of a couple’s individuality; this is where the signet ring comes into its own. Unisex and still effectively a ‘band of gold,’ these rings, via hand engraving, have far more potential to turn into a personal emblem of a couple’s love.“

From monograms symbolizing a united family, to portraying images imbued with meaning, Rebus works with clients to develop a signet that is elegant, speaking directly to the wearer. A fresh and unexpected alternative to diamond rings and bands, the Hatton Garden atelier elevates the offerings of the luxury wedding ring market. James Daniels, from Dorset, UK, wanted to create something special for his big day. A classic 14K gold oval signet, hand carved with the tree of life anchored into roots, was conceptualized, and Rebus craftsmen dashingly carved it into gold. An everyday reminder of the home and roots he and his wife created, the signet ring is a symbol of everlasting love, dedication, and family. In addition, he was able to seal thank you notes for wedding guests in style. Faith Leander from Washington DC, USA wanted to create something meaningful as an addition to her bridal jewelry suite, to wear on her right hand every day. She designed a V within a laurel wreath, and says, “The initials on my signet ring represent my maiden name. I first wore it on the morning of my wedding and it has become an everyday piece for me.”  For Sam Gill from New South Wales, Australia he chose an intertwined ‘S’ and ‘E’, a monograph representing their names, Elizabeth and Sam. Alongside a watch, the signet was photographed to show his accessories suite and style, a nod to the modern wedding wardrobe.

At the Rebus workshop, apprentices carve until qualifying to become a Master Engraver. Goldsmiths and engravers collaborate, reviving the craftsmanship and luxury of handcrafted signet rings. Internationally recognized for exceptional engravings within oval, round, shield, and carved gemstone styles, Rebus signet rings are both attractive and comfortable for everyday wear. Signets are available in either white or yellow gold, in 9K, 14K, and 18K options, and various sizes. Gemstone inlay options, for select styles, include: bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, onyx, and sardonyx.  A modern heirloom, a signet wedding ring is an homage to devotion and family. Integrating meaningful symbolism into precious materials, each piece is uniquely forged and carved with masterful artistry.

Rachel Constantine, Marketing Director for Rebus, says, “The signet ring has always been highly regarded for its classic timeless elegance, but its use as a wedding band has become increasingly popular.  Distinctive and beautiful, they provide an opportunity for creating a design that is a personal and meaningful symbol of the relationship.”

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About Rebus

Rebus is the UK’s premier creator of hand-crafted signet rings. The company was founded by Emmet Smith in 2005 as a department within R.H. Wilkins, the renowned engravers based in London’s Hatton Garden. The Rebus team is made up of award-winning hand engravers and goldsmiths, all with a heartfelt commitment to beautiful engraving using traditional hand tools. Over the years, R.H. Wilkins and the Rebus team have won over twenty awards, and it is a tradition to have two apprentices at any time who are indentured through Goldsmiths’ Hall.

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