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Mobile Tech To Keep An Eye Out For

Our mobile devices are changing very quickly as each new flagship device is revealed year on year, and as we look past the gimmicks that break the mould such as folding screens, we’re starting to see some exciting changes that are moving into the consumer market – some are more form over function, whereas others may influence how applications are developed and how we interact with our device – so which are the exciting changes we can expect?

1. Video Recording and Encoding – Some newer devices, namely the S20 Ultra from Samsung, have been released with the ability to record video in 8K resolution, but it has been met with some criticism as real world applications for using it are a little iffy. Fortunately, it’s one thing that doesn’t really have to be good – yet – but it shows that progress is being made. The next stage is to improve the sensor inside devices so tracking whilst recording doesn’t feel so jumpy – as social media continues to be a influential part of our lifestyle, the desire to have a perfect camera will remain, and this may be the next big advancement for many devices.

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2. Faster Displays – Part of what adds to the smoothness of our devices isn’t necessarily how fast or powerful they are, but more how quickly the display can update to show what is happening on screen – this is great for just scrolling through screens but also helps as a favourite new past time in mobile gaming grows, a list here can be found of some of the favourite games in different genres such as betting, casino, puzzle, and arcade – currently there are some higher end devices that have 120Hz screens, or update 120 times per second, double or more that of the traditional 60Hz screens on most phones, but this will be pushed further as tech develops and may be a consumer feature across all devices soon enough.

3. Better Connectivity – Another big change comes through connectivity and the introduction of 5G – more and more of us are using wearable devices such as watches, we’re using wireless tech through bluetooth like our earbuds, and we’re looking to move toward using external devices for evolving tech like Virtual Reality. With bluetooth already being established and widely used, and 5G on the way vastly increasing theoretical maximum speeds, we may be moving on to the next stage of connectivity where the capacity and speed are no longer limiting factors.

As mentioned many of these features may only be found in more enthusiast devices, and we see this as some of the newer flagships with these features can run the hefty cost – the S20 Ultra for example runs a cost of £1,199 within the UK for the smaller base version – but as time passes many of these features will trickle down as easier ways to integrate them are discovered – once they become a common feature we may see ways in which user experience, applications, and entertainment can change on these devices – they’re only going to get smarter, faster, and better and it’s an exciting time to be a tech fan.

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