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Mapping Tech Talent Hubs Across the World

Mapping Tech Talent Hubs Across the World

The tech sector remains one of the top employers when it comes to skilled workers within the US and North America. With technology becoming more advanced by the month, companies are continually investing in the sector so that they can capitalize on the biggest benefits. This is helping to create a lot of new jobs and opportunities while putting certain areas of the world on the map as tech talent hubs.


Canada has attracted a lot of tech workers over the years. A lot of this comes down to the labor cost advantage and their national policies on immigration. Canadian cities, including Calgary, Waterloo and even Vancouver have seen the highest growth of tech employees over the last five years. Between 2022 and 2023, 31,115 new workers came to Canada, with most of them migrating from Nigeria and India. Canada also has a substantial gaming and casino sector, with over 900 studios. The boom in both online casino entertainment and tech workers has led to new and exciting titles. New online slots Canada games are hitting the market by the year, including Tsar Treasures and 25 Coins. This has helped to make Canada a haven for gamers, which is spurring the job market.

The US

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a lot of Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Intel, Google and even Meta. It’s also where a lot of entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs and Brian Chesky began their ventures.

Even though a lot of tech workers seem to be abandoning Silicon Valley due to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the Bay Area is still attracting top talent due to its long-standing reputation. It also has one of the best climates year-round, which helps to make it appealing.


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India, or Bangalore in particular is known for being home to a lot of major tech start-ups and fast-growing businesses. Top companies, including IBM, Infosys and even Google have offices there. Bangalore has a focus on software development, with several economic zones. This happens to include IT parks, with areas for biotech and aerospace. This makes it a very desirable place for companies to set up their base, and it is continuing to attract tech workers from all around the world. So what is helping to make India such an attractive location? Even though it has a thriving start-up scene, it also has a very low cost of living. The opportunities for those who want to work in tech are in abundance too. This helps to make India, and Bangalore one of the best areas to move to if you want a stable career that offers plenty of opportunities for innovative professionals and creative thinkers.

So the US, India and Canada are currently listed as being some of the top tech talent hubs in the world. With so many people flocking to these areas every year in an attempt to find work, it’s not surprising to see some of the biggest developments announced in these countries. The future is bright and as time goes on, new countries are surfacing as being hubs for creative thinkers and experienced tech workers.

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