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‘Optimism Your Feed’ : LG’s Playlist for a Positive Social Media Experience

Optimism Your Feed
  • LG’s new “Optimism Your Feed” campaign, featuring positive videos from global influencers, aims to counteract negative social media content and reduce user anxiety.
  • This initiative, part of LG’s broader “Life’s Good” campaign, seeks to foster optimism and brand loyalty among younger demographics through enhanced social media engagement and expert collaboration.

LG is attempting to boost the positivity on social media with its latest campaign, an effort that is supported by a global survey which found that almost half of respondents (45%) have a social media feed that consists of an equal or greater amount of negative content than positive content. Additionally, 28% of respondents reported that negative content on their social feeds has increased their anxiety.

Inspired by the role algorithms play in the content fed to social media feeds, LG’s “Optimism your feed” playlist offers up a slew of positive videos that, when interacted with, are intended to boost the amount of uplifting content pulled into a consumer’s feed. The playlist was made in collaboration with global influencers including Tina Choi, Victoria Browne and Josh Harmon — each regarded for their positivity — and includes over 20 short-form videos ranging from motivational to feel-good content.

LG is also supporting the effort by consulting with social media experts, including Casey Fiesler, a professor, information scientist and technology ethicist, which could help the brand establish stronger credibility and consumer trust. The “Optimism your feed″ playlist can be viewed on LG’s global YouTube and TikTok channels and will later spread to other social platforms through influencer collaborations. Consumers can also engage with the campaign via a microsite.

The move is part of LG’s larger “Life’s Good” campaign launched last August in an effort to inspire people to view life through a more optimistic lens. The campaign also served to introduce LG’s more dynamic and youthful brand identity, which was unveiled last April. Together, the efforts could help the brand build loyalty among younger demographics, like Gen Z, as their spending power grows.

LG, a South Korean company that manufactures consumer and commercial products like TVs, home appliances, automotive components and formerly mobile phones reported a 3.3% year-over-year revenue gain in the first quarter supported by sales from its home-appliance and vehicle-component businesses, which rose 7.2% and 12%, respectively.

Other marketers beyond LG have also made healthy social media habits a focus of their recent marketing. In February, Snap launched an advertising campaign positioning Snapchat as an “antidote to social media.” In another instance, Dove’s long-running Self-Esteem Project launched the Campaign for Kids Online Safety last April to address the rise in youth mental health issues linked to social media.

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