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Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is Now Available

ThinkBook Plus Gen 3

Unveiled earlier this year, the unique ThinkBook™ Plus Gen 3 is available for purchase. Featuring an industry first 17.3-inch ultra-wide primary display with a 21:10 aspect ratio, it also includes an innovative 8-inch secondary touch-enabled screen that enhances productive and creative multitasking.

Work from anywhere has amplified the need for highly efficient productivity technology but often requires multiple devices and larger workspaces. ThinkBook Plus Gen 3’s flexible displays create a larger mobile work area thanks to more screen real estate and extra multitasking scenarios:

  • Supported application sub tools can be shown on second display
  • Full width video conferencing adding a chat window or notepad on the second display
  • The integrated digital pen with ColorKing+ plug-in by Ufro enables faster, more accurate color matching. Capture color from virtually any surface with the pen and instantly find the closest PANTONE® Color based on substrate
  • A “waterfall” capability is very useful during document editing as source pages can extend from the main to the second display
  • A “Magic Launcher” can place frequently used application icons on the second display for quick access
  • The calculator function makes navigating spreadsheets or financial applications a breeze
  • Smartphone mirroring onto the second display improves multitasking and synergy across devices

Source: Lenovo

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