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Lenovo Helps Power NVIDIA’s Data-Center-Scale Omniverse Computing System for Industrial Digital Twins


Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) announced its extended work with NVIDIA to deliver top industry 3D simulation and design collaboration capabilities by providing the infrastructure required to power NVIDIA OVX™, a computing system designed to run large-scale Omniverse™ digital twins. The collaboration leverages Lenovo infrastructure and workstations to deliver real-time virtual remote work capabilities enabled by NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and runs on the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

A digital twin is a perfectly synchronized virtual model that provides a nearly exact representation of how a physical object or process is behaving in the real world to help organizations gain valuable insight and decision-making. Lenovo’s industry-leading desktop, mobile workstation, and servers coupled with NVIDIA OVX will be used to create complex digital twins that will model entire buildings, factories, and cities.

Omniverse Enterprise enables enterprise teams to achieve seamless 3D design collaboration, or design and operate real-time physically accurate digital twins. Operating these complex, large-scale digital twins requires extremely high compute, high throughput, low latency, and precision timing. Lenovo is one of the only infrastructure solutions providers to deliver the complete portfolio of solutions, from the palm of the hand to the heart of the data center, that are necessary to remotely interface with highly complex digital twins and power 3D collaboration in real-time.

“Teaming with NVIDIA on Omniverse Enterprise and OVX is the kind of cutting-edge initiative that demonstrates Lenovo’s continuing commitment to delivering innovative solutions and intelligent technologies that help our customers solve humanity’s greatest challenges,” said Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of HPC at Lenovo. “Lenovo is a global leader in providing desktop and mobile workstations for design, engineering, and simulation workloads. With our partner NVIDIA, we’re extending our ecosystem to span from the desktop to the data center and beyond.”

Lenovo’s GPU-rich NVIDIA-Certified™ systems provide the performance, manageability, security, and scalability to power platforms like Omniverse Enterprise. For example, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670v2 server features a modular design that enables six different front shuttle configurations. It supports up to eight GPUs in a 3U footprint, resulting in a perfect balance of better density, more flexibility, and lower power consumption to meet the new workload requirements.

“These virtual worlds, built on our ThinkSystem SR670 V2, will come to life in stunning detail.  The ticket to accessing these virtual worlds in real-time and in high-fidelity detail is delivered by our ThinkStation workstations,” said Tease.  “That level of computing will deliver collaboration opportunities that will unleash unprecedented global creativity.”

NVIDIA OVX is the latest in an ongoing series of collaborative innovations between Lenovo and NVIDIA as part of The Power of 2 partnership, which equips data-centered researchers, pioneers, and visionaries across industries with solutions to implement enterprise-level AI capabilities.

Source: Lenovo

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