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LegacyFX – The 2020 Years of Growth


To say that the past two years have been turbulent ones may be an understatement. Between the COVID-19 pandemic still ravishing global communities and economies, the Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan, the election of a new US president, BLM protests, the stock market crash of 2020, and many other significant events, it is no wonder how many businesses have suffered in their wake.

Despite all this, LegacyFX – a fully regulated trading specialist providing global brokerage services for forex and CFD trading – has not only survived, but in fact thrived.

With headquarters based in Larnaca, Cyprus, LegacyFX has been providing financial services since 2017. Throughout the years both the company and its parent–A.N. All New Investments Ltd.; have garnered an impressive client base and reputation through its maintenance of GDPR compliance and multiple regulations such as CySEC, NBRB, VFSC, and BaFIN.

In recent years, the company has implemented numerous improvements that have resulted in massive growths of its data portfolio, marketing capabilities, reputation, design, and many other spheres.


One of the most prominent changes the company has made recently has been its new offering of over 2,000 assets to trade on. This alone is a huge jump, as it previously offered its clientele around 500 available instruments to trade on. Such diversity, paired with offering tight spreads, swap-free accounts, developing its own in-house advanced CRM, adhering to its regulatory requirements and slogans of transparency and trust, upgrading its trading platform to MetaTrader 5 (which allows for improved and fast trading execution and market conditions), sharing rebate models for a cash-back program, and including the renowned Autochartist trading tool, provides a strong foundation for clients to trade on. Overall, this displays how LegacyFX truly understands the needs of its clientele, thereby making its services and platform more appealing to professional traders, and positioning LegacyFX as a leading global brokerage.

In mid-2021, LegacyFX announced that it is now the exclusive “Official FX Sponsor” of the professional Spanish football club, Real Betis Balompié, S.A.D. The company’s commercial and digital assets within the sponsorship agreement includes back-shirt advertising along with various digital resources for promotional opportunities, such as LED banners within the club’s home stadium. Overall, the agreement has a vocation for continuity, with an initial duration of two years with the option to extend in the future. As LegacyFX understands the prestige that football carries on a global scale, it is therefore not surprising that the company is also working on garnering future football sponsorship opportunities with other recognized teams.

Aside from these massive accomplishments, LegacyFX has also invested tremendously into its marketing assets. By launching massive campaigns across multiple media sites within the forex and financial industries, the company has pushed for increased content presence, display advertisements, and various native ads – all in attempt to boost its brand awareness and result in actionable lead generation. Furthermore, LegacyFX is on track to win multiple prestigious forex awards from organizations who specialize in reviewing and attributing brokerages with prizes. Finally, the company has pushed its social media presence across all platforms through all available mediums such as posts, video series, stories, highlights, tags, links, etc. Additionally, the company has conducted monthly paid advertisements through its social media ad accounts, aimed at promoting its services, free materials, and special offers.


At the beginning of February 2021, LegacyFX launched a complete overhaul of its website. Major changes included improvements to its design aesthetic, ease of access to important and educational information, increased deployment of its promotions and additional services, and overall enhancements to its UX/UI interfaces. All this is conveniently provided to the company’s global client base in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, & Russian). The company also unveiled two new projects in attempt to boost user engagement – PAMM Accounts, a collaborative trading service and its Loyalty Membership Program, a reward system for dedicated users. In effort to expand its client offerings in terms of trading information and tools, the company is planning to launch a partnership with Trading Central, an automated investment analytics and research tools firm. LegacyFX has also partnered with Sum and Substance (SumSub), a UK based Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Client firm to help improve its documentation collection and client verification process. Aside from all this, the company continues to maintain high levels of products and services through numerous specialized offerings in the form of monthly webinars, educational content, trading tools, economic calendars, videos, etc.

Finally, LegacyFX has focused on increasing its in-house developmental capabilities. This is primarily seen through the company’s hiring of key factor positions within its workforce, such as an in-house technical analysis department. Increased efforts in this area will ultimately afford the company greater control, speed, and productivity, as it will reduce its need and reliance upon 3rd-party outsourcing.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it is clear to see how LegacyFX has prospered in the recent years despite the multitude of chaotic global events. However, improvements will not stop here as the company has big plans for its future as well. Namely they come in the form of obtaining FCA licensing in the United Kingdom and launching offices in the region, which will increase the company’s standing and reach within the British community. Through this addition, the company hopes to also establish a presence within the UK football community, by obtaining a sports sponsorship with a football club within the UK’s Premier League. Overall, LegacyFX has already established itself as a giant in the world of forex, trading, and financial services and will continue efforts to only further bolster its presence on a global scale.

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