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Italy Welcomes Remote Workers with New Digital Nomad Visa Program

Digital Nomad Visa
  • Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa allows non-EU remote workers to stay for up to one year, renewable annually, if they earn over €28,000 and have health insurance and accommodation.
  • Applicants need proof of work experience, income, health insurance, accommodation, a clean criminal record, and must apply for a residence permit within eight days of arrival.

Italy now allows remote workers to head there and set up shop remotely for companies or clients located outside its borders thanks to its Digital Nomad Visa Program.

Since April 4th, foreigners can legally stay in Italy up to one year under this scheme and renew it annually as per news coverage in Schengen Visa.

According to the Italian government, a digital nomad is a citizen of non-EU states “who carries out a highly qualified work activity with the use of technological tools capable of allowing them to work remotely, both as a worker self-employed or as a collaborator or employee of a company even if not resident in Italy,” according to Euronews.

The Digital Nomad visa for remote workers was signed into Italian law on March 28, 2022.

Different European nations provide Digital Nomad Visa programs aimed at attracting remote work enthusiasts; however, their regulations vary between each nation offering such plans. Italy currently offers one such scheme and requires applicants to meet certain eligibility requirements to benefit.

Italian Digital Nomad Visa schemes differ from EU schemes by operating under Article 27 of the immigration code, targeting highly skilled workers as per global mobility expert Damien O’Farrell’s advice.

To qualify, applicants should earn over €28,000 annually and arrange health and accommodation arrangements during their time in Italy, including health insurance coverage and accommodations arranged. They also should make sure no criminal offense has been committed during that period – this deadline must also apply if someone was found guilty in that timeframe.

Prior to applying for this scheme, applicants are also expected to provide evidence that they have worked as digital nomads or remote workers elsewhere for at least six months prior to making an application for a Digital Nomad Visa in Italy. They must also comply with Italy’s tax regulations.

Foreigners hoping to take advantage of this program must arrange an in-person appointment at an Italian consulate in their country of residence and bring several documents, including proof of employment and income as well as health insurance information and proof of accommodation in Italy along with a criminal background certificate.

As soon as their visa has been granted, applicants have eight days from arrival in Italy to file an application for a residence permit.

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