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Hubby launches eSIM

  • Hubby of Amsterdam has launched its eSIM solution in the UK market with On the Beach, offering integrated mobile connectivity to enhance travel experiences.
  • The Hubby eSIM aims to provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective internet access for travelers, particularly benefiting UK holiday-goers post-Brexit, with plans for further innovation and expansion.

Hubby of Amsterdam has introduced its eSIM solution for use with On the Beach as part of a major launch to UK market ahead of peak summer season, marking this eventful occasion with integration.

Hubby is on a mission to leverage mobile connectivity for an enhanced travel experience and unlock significant value for its travel company partners.

The Hubby eSIM was carefully created with tour operators and travel provider needs in mind, offering their customers connectivity as part of their package as well as security during disruptions.

Hubby co-founder and CEO, Thijs van der Wijk says, “Hubby was born out of personal frustration. Connecting to the internet safely, securely, reliably and without exorbitant costs when travelling should be easy but it isn’t. Global data roaming, particularly for UK travellers post-Brexit, is not good enough and with the UK travel market so established, we’re here to change that.”

Hubby eSIM can easily and rapidly be integrated, offering an end-to-end solution with no upfront investment necessary. Insightful real-time information can also help organizations make data-driven decisions while forging deeper relationships with customers.

Hubby has made history with their first UK partner integration with On the Beach OTA, sending two million holiday-goers annually, by providing complimentary mobile data as part of On the Beach’s ongoing perks proposition for package holiday customers. Early data indicates strong take up for long-haul trips including USA where roaming charges may be particularly steep as well as within Europe and Turkey.

Thijs van der Wijk continues, “Our partnership with On the Beach proves how quickly and seamlessly we can start delivering value, with sign off to activation taking just two weeks. For us, a modern-day package should have four component parts, not three: flight, hotel, transfer AND mobile connectivity. Our eSIM is the ideal solution, but it’s only the beginning – we have big ambitions for future innovation that will deliver huge improvements to the customer experience and enable travellers to better enjoy real-world connection.”

Hubby has tour operator partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Thailand.

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