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Is Korean Skincare Worth It?

Is Korean Skincare Worth It

Korean skincare is the hottest trend these days. But is it really worth all the hype? Don’t start your K-skincare routine without reading this!!

Everyone wants to achieve a clear and youthful skin. When it comes to skincare and beauty trends, Korean skincare routine has gained much popularity over recent years. Everyone is going crazy over this regime, from celebrities to normal people. Not just the females, Korean skin care routine is equally popular in males. Basically, it is a labor-intensive routine that involves several products and steps.

Korean skincare involves the following 10 steps :

Oil Cleanser: This is a very first and a crucial step in traditional Korean skincare. It is also known as “double cleansing” which aims at removing the excess oil, dirt and other makeup residues from the skin while maintaining the essential oils on the skin.

Water Cleanser: The next step is, water cleanser which usually involves regular foaming creams, gels or liquids that further cleans the skin and removes all the impurities such as sweat, oil, dirt. After this step, double cleansing gets complete.

Exfoliating: After double cleansing, the next step is to exfoliate the face to remove the dead skin cells. It involves the use of scrubs, exfoliators, pads, peel-off masks etc. This step helps in priming the face and promotes brighter complexion and plump skin.

Toning: Due to exfoliation, the pH level of skin is imbalanced. So, in order to return it into its natural state and to close down the open pores, toner is used. It helps in restoring the pH balance and makes the skin supple.

Essences: These are very unique Korean skincare products. Its consistency is between a serum and a toner. It is usually made using fermented ingredients that aim at healing and promoting cell growth.

Treatment: This is another crucial step in the Korean skincare. At this step, special serums are used to treat specific skin issues such as acne, tanning, wrinkles, fine lines etc.

Sheet Masks: Sheet masks are one of the most popular skincare products. They’re all over the social media world. They are basically very thin paper sheets soaked in a special serum. You have to apply this mask on your face for around 20 minutes and let all the serum get absorbed by your skin. It needs to be applied once or twice in a week.

Eye Cream: Next is, eye treatment for eliminating issues like dark circles, puffiness, crow feet etc. These are usually in the form of gels and creams that are specialized to work on sensitive skin around the eye area.

Moisturizer: This second last and the most important step in the Korean skin care routine is moisturizing. After applying all the serums and potions, your skin needs a protected layer that makes sure that all the goodness is locked in. Hence, moisturizer plays the role of a shielding agent. It locks the other products you’ve just applied on your face.

SPF: The final and the crucial step in Korean skincare is applying a high SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sun damage can affect your skin quite badly, it can lead to skin issues like tanning, discoloration, acne, blemishes and whatnot. Hence, to finish off your skincare regime, you’ll have to put a nice layer of sunscreen.

So, this is pretty much what a Korean skin care routine looks like. Sure, it involves a lot of products and a lot of time as well. It can be a bit overwhelming to someone for whom skincare means just washing and moisturizing the face.

Coming to the real question, Is Korean Skincare Worth It?

The answer is, probably yes! The reason is pretty simple, Korean skincare products include a number of exotic ingredients like snail Mucin, Ginseng, Pearl essence, donkey milk that are proven to benefit the skin in a number of ways.

According to the experts, you can use some high-quality Korean products to improve your skin health. But unlike any beauty trend and cosmetic products, you should do your own research before following and using them.

Another thing is, every skin is different. So, before trying and testing any beauty product or skincare regime, you should know about your skin health and issues first. To know more about Korean skincare in-depth, check this out!

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