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Is gambling a Hobby or a Job?

Is gambling a Hobby or a Job

Gambling is a game of chance, where the winning does not depend entirely, or to a large extent, on the skill of the players, but rather on chance. It can change a person’s life.

Opponents of gambling consider it a harmful addiction. But the positive effects are still greater. That said, gambling at a Jeetwin casino should be more of a hobby than a way to make money.

The Positive Effects of Gambling

Man is a creature of chance. And he is attracted to tickle your nerves, get an adrenaline rush in a relatively safe place. Such become land or online casinos.It is worth to understand what is good in gambling:

  • Improving concentration, speed of thought processes. Gambling is a strategy. Especially the different variants of poker, which require knowledge of psychology and the ability to apply them. In addition, concentration develops analytical skills and the gambler can anticipate the result of his actions;
  • Improving the efficiency of decision-making. Gambling is a high speed of analysis and taking action. Ability to analyze, quickly compare raw data, responsible for the result is useful in everyday life;
  • Positive thinking. A gambler, as a rule, does not think about losing. He is expecting to win big. Being able to detach yourself from negative thoughts, to see the positive qualities in a bad situation will help gambling;
  • Developing social skills. When visiting a land-based casino, a player has to communicate with a large number of gamblers, representatives of the administration of the gambling establishment, and fans. Live communication in online casinos is minimal, but it is impossible to avoid. Especially for poker fans;
  • Increased brain efficiency. Gambling requires cold counting, sometimes memorization of cards, fast analysis of the situation at the table – a kind of training of different parts of the brain. This will reduce the risk of dementia in the future;
  • Some gamblers, who can already be called professional, have experimented with themselves by turning gambling into a kind of self-improvement practice. For example, gambling teaches you to ‘hold your punches’, not to panic when things go wrong, to manage problems and to make good decisions quickly, based more on intuition than on logic and rational analysis.

But do not forget that all of the above points are valid only when a person perceives that he or she is gambling. When a person takes gambling as a vacation with a nice bonus of earning real money. If it turns into something addictive with a constant desire to win back. It is worth stopping gambling for an indefinite period of time.

Jeetwin Bangladesh Online Casino

Jeetwin Bangladesh Online Casino

This is a great online casino that was started in 2017 and has managed to build a large base of happy players for 6 years.

Jeetwin is a great experience for gamblers. It has a large collection of games, a wide range of payment methods , nice bonuses , excellent and fast technical support and much more.

Jeetwin license

In order to operate legally and officially, every online casino should have an official license. The government of Curacao issued this in 2017. You can be sure that no attackers will try to cheat you. As all activities on the site remain under the strict control of the management.

Mobile App

In the 21st century, the number of phone users is increasing all the time. This is what makes the rules in creating a mobile casino. Jeetwin has two types of mobile gaming enthusiasts: the mobile browser-based version; An app for iOS and Android.

Any of the options are available to choose from. You will get a great gaming experience with both options. The mobile versions do not limit the user in any way and offer the same conditions as the official PC version.

For players who have downloaded or accessed the mobile version for the first time, there will be mobile bonuses available. Such as 100 per cent up to 20,000 on slots and electronic fishing games.

Advantages and disadvantages :

●      Easy and quick to download;

●      Free download;

●      24/7 customer support;

●      Full functionality as on PC;

●      Best mobile casino in Bangladesh.

●      No official app shops;

●      1 cryptocurrency option.


Once the download is complete, you need to enable the auto-refresh feature in order to always stay with the latest news. It will also give you access to all the new products and new features. Each update comes out better than the previous one, as in the process they fix all the bugs that users are talking about.

Games on Jeetwin

The gambling platform can boast of its wide selection of games for different tastes. The total number is 1000+. Jeetwin online cooperates with leading software providers that guarantee a high quality gameplay experience.

A great interface allows you to sort games by title, developer and also by category. The following categories are available:

  • Slots is the most famous game that newcomers love. There is no need to learn the strategies and rules. As here everything is simple. However, you need to keep in mind the right choice of slots. Choose slots with a high payout percentage and low volatility;
  • Electronic games are a unique category, combining both arcade and video poker. Here you earn money whenever you meet the conditions, such as fishing which involves catching as many fish as possible;
  • Table games – a worldwide popular category that includes poker, roulette, blackjack and more;
  • Live casino – a category that is ideal for advanced users who are not afraid to play live against an opponent.

Benefits of using Jeetwin

Benefits of using Jeetwin

The team tries to provide the best possible experience for players. differs from other online casinos with :

  • An excellent gaming lobby. A wide and unique selection always leaves only good impressions for the gamblers;
  • Convenient payment methods – you will definitely find the method you need . All payments are made instantly;
  • Bonuses and promotional offers are a hallmark of Jeetwin. The wagering conditions are very favorable and the offers are generous;
  • Customer support boasts of its professionalism and quick resolution of issues.


The disadvantages of gambling are the development of addiction, the inability to stop in time, problems with creditors and the law. But even those who are not into poker, slots or roulette are not immune. Do you want to win and have a good life? Don’t get carried away, but go to the casino with a sober head and a cool mind.

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