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Cross-Marketing in Online Casinos

Online Casino PR

Online gambling and betting platforms require a steady stream of new players that will grow into loyal players. But there are two problems: where will these players come from and how can you convince them to stay?

This task has an additional difficulty – the marketing strategies of online casinos and bookmakers are usually hampered by strict advertising regulations.

Regulatory bodies in many markets prohibit or limit gambling advertising on radio and television during the day or have a number of criteria that these media ads must meet. For example, advertising that presents gambling as a way to get rich, links gambling and alcohol, and targets minors is generally banned.

Instead, online platforms use different tactics to reach their audiences:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases a website’s search engine ranking;
  • Social media marketing helps to engage in a real dialogue with the players;
  • Email marketing maintains a relationship with the visitors to the website and informs them of the special offers;
  • SMS marketing is one of the most direct ways for casinos to communicate with their players;
  • Affiliate marketing attracts a huge amount of traffic by offering players high quality content.

But this all only applies to the first stage. When it comes to retaining players in an age of focus on personalisation, a real-time marketing strategy becomes increasingly important.

What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-time marketing is an advertising strategy that takes a personalised, minute-by-minute approach to customers according to their needs and behaviour at a specific time and place.

The basic idea is to find the most suitable offer for each specific customer.

Real-time marketing is often based on trends and user feedback – a fast and dynamic way to support a brand.

Real-time marketing can take different forms depending on the business model.

Some brands interact with customers on social media and participate in viral trends, online retailers notify their customers that their order has been sent out and allow them to track its status, and later reach out to make sure the customer is happy.

Despite their immediacy and relevance, RTM strategies don’t have to be invented quickly . It can be more effective to develop marketing campaigns in advance and engage them at the right time.

Real-time marketing is becoming a little more effective with each step of technology development. With the advent of social media, information about target audiences and their preferences has become readily available, meaning that marketers can now use this data to create tailored advertising strategies for products that potential customers might like.

How to Use Real-Time Marketing in Gambling?

How to Use Real-Time Marketing in Gambling


In the iGaming world, real-time marketing is basically plugged in when a user starts interacting with a brand on a website.

The data collected for KYC compliance can be used to personalise it, making it more enjoyable for the player. High-quality platform software will allow operators to segment users to provide a personalised experience based on their gaming history.

High-quality online casino platforms such as Rich Palms often have a flexible frontend. This means that operators can change the appearance of the interface to suit the user’s tastes once they have registered and started playing. For example, if a player mainly spins slots, then upon entering the site they will see a list of slots right on the home page.  is a great way to spend your free time in a rewarding way. You will not only have fun but also be able to earn real money.

The platform has all the necessary documents to operate a gambling business, such as the Curacao licence. And it provides Australians with legal entertainment only.

There are lots of games categorised under this platform, including table games, slot machines, live dealer, video poker, and more. All of them are provided by the world leaders in the software world like Visionary iGaming and Real Time Gaming.

The games at Rich Palms come with convenient payment methods. Every registered player will be able to take part in a loyalty program.

Don’t miss your chance to experience all the features of an unforgettable experience !

Cross-Selling is…

Operators can use real-time marketing to interest casino game fans in sports betting and the other way round.

To create a personalised notification, operators should analyse a customer’s average bet, their favourite games and other features. Betting fans can then be offered a bonus in the form of a few free spins if they make a deposit and start playing at an online casino such as Rich Palms ; while casino players can be offered a 100% bonus on their first deposit at a sportsbook.

Real-time marketing tools help to personalise cross-selling offers to each player, with the ability to predict other preferences in the future.

In addition, both casino players and betting lovers can also be offered virtual sports or even cyber sports.

Cross-selling can also take place at a more detailed level. Imagine a bettor watching a live football match. A game that he has bet money on. During the break, they could get an update on the odds for another football match or even a rugby game. The casino player may see an offer of several free rounds of blackjack while the slot is spinning.

Cross-Marketing What Is It?

Cross-marketing is a way of promoting services and products, the basis of which is the collaboration of one company with another. That is, it is the joint promotion of the products of two companies that have a similar target audience and offer services related to the main product.

Cross-marketing is beneficial for both companies – no one party suffers from the joint cooperation, but the benefits are more than enough.

The Basic Rules of Cross-Marketing

To ensure that the cooperation brought only benefit and profit is a few conditions, failure to comply with which will lead to total collapse:

  • The audiences of the cooperating firms must be overlapping;
  • Their price policies have to be more or less the same;
  • The services promoted by the partners should not be competing with each other.

By respecting these simple rules both companies can hope for success.

Cross-Marketing Objectives

Before the cooperation starts, the representatives of the companies discuss the development strategies, outcomes and results. But before that, it is worth thinking about what will happen during the collaboration:

  • Exchange of “hot” customers without damaging both parties;
  • Overcoming difficulties together (saving on publicity, solving common problems, finding ways out of difficult situations);
  • Increased brand awareness by crossing audiences;
  • Increased profits;
  • Expanding the customer base.

All of these must be present in a successful cross-marketing strategy. If even one point is not respected, you need to fix it immediately and reach an agreement with both the affiliates and the company which handles marketing.

What are the Criteria for the Cross Marketing Companion Search

What are the Criteria for the Cross Marketing Companion Search

Finding the right partners for cross-marketing efforts takes some work. The first thing to start with is to determine the objectives of the marketing campaign. Define your primary and secondary objectives and from there you can move on to the next point.

Target Audience Analysis

Even if you think you know your audience well, it does not hurt to do another analysis to understand their interests. Draw up a portrait of your typical target audience and try to find out their interests and preferences – then finding the right partners will be easier. Imagine what the typical customer would like to buy apart from your products – then you will know with whom to do business.

Market analysis

Take a close look at the companies that may be of potential interest to your audience. As mentioned above, the company does not have to compete with you, they may have a similar audience but not much difference in the cost of their services. Make a list of the most relevant companies and move on to the next point.

Search for partners

Once you have done your market analysis, you can start looking at potential partners you have identified. Make sure you have common aims, that your audiences overlap and that your offers will be of interest to your clients. Contact representatives of the company and propose a partnership. Build a promotion strategy and stick to it. It’s simple!

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