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Investing Simplified: TD Launches New Mobile App TD Easy Trade

TD Easy Trade

New service is the next evolution of mobile trading, offering 50 commission-free stock trades and unlimited commission-free trades on TD Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

As more Canadians turn to online do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile trading, TD Direct Investing is launching a new mobile app for stock trading, TD Easy Trade™. TD Easy Trade features a streamlined, easy-to-navigate design and integrated how-to education videos, making getting started easy for investors.

According to a TD survey conducted for TD Easy Trade, three-quarters (74 percent) of Canadians surveyed believe they need experience before they start trading and investing, and 30 percent of Canadians have not traded or invested because they don’t think they have enough money to invest. TD Easy Trade was designed with this in mind – making trading and investing simple – to help new or less experienced investors, with all budgets, get started on their investing journey with confidence.

TD Easy Trade offers no minimum balance or monthly fees and a pricing structure of 50 commission-free stock trades per year. TD Easy trade also includes unlimited commission-free trading on all TD ETFs, as well as U.S. dollar accounts to avoid currency conversion costs. TD Easy Trade also provides built-in educational videos and resources on investing for users and offers access to a team of licensed investment representatives ready to help and answer questions when needed.

“Investors are looking for an easy and affordable way to invest, right from the palm of their hands,” said Tony Ierullo, Vice President, New to Investing and Emerging Investor Solutions, TD Direct Investing. “With the TD Easy Trade mobile app, they will have the tools to start trading and investing with confidence. How individuals want to invest is changing and we couldn’t be more excited about being at the forefront in making investing accessible for all Canadians.”

TD Easy Trade includes the following stand-out features:

  • 50 free stock trades per client, per year
  • Free trades on all 38 TD ETFs, including individual TD ETFs and TD One-Click ETF portfolios
  • S. dollar accounts help clients avoid currency conversion costs when buying/selling U.S. stocks
  • Real-time quotes and market data
  • Ability to create and manage a watchlist of trending stocks
  • Built-in educational videos and resources
  • Ability to build investment plans that align with your goals
  • Support from a team of licensed investment representatives

And when it comes to what is motivating investors to dip their toes in the market, long-term goals, trending stocks, and fear of missing out ranked among key drivers. According to the TD survey, many still invest for long-term goals like retirement (51%), while capitalizing on trending stocks (19%) and fear of missing out (5%) also play a role.

“During the pandemic, we saw a significant increase in demand for online investing, with more people trying DIY investing from home, and for the first time,” said Ierullo. “As a result, trades and new account openings hit record highs. This growth in new accounts and trading volumes was driven largely by new and younger investors, which is why it was important to us to launch an app that is easy-to-use, with low trading fees and available support to ensure investing is accessible to this emerging, fast-growing investing segment.”

TD Easy Trade is the evolution of TD GoalAssist™, a service offered by TD Direct Investing that previously launched in October 2020. TD Easy Trade offers an enhanced platform and improved user experience focused on making getting started easier for new and emerging investors. TD Easy Trade is the latest service offered by TD Direct Investing, Canada’s largest self-directed online brokerage, which also includes the organization’s most popular investing platform, WebBroker.


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