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Introducing the FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE Official Match Ball: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

  • Inspired by Germany’s national colors and the coveted tournament trophy.
  • Features Connected Ball technology, a first for UEFA European ChampionshipsTM Finals, enhancing officiating speed and accuracy.
  • Measures key in-play statistics like speed, spin, and distance.
  • Available for purchase at adidas retail stores, selected retailers, and online at

Adidas unveils the much sought-after FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE official match ball that is set to debut during the UEFA European Championships 2024 TM. The ball that is revolutionary does not only embody the spirit of football, but it also incorporates advanced technology to take the sport to new levels of control and thrill.

Design Inspired by Tradition and Achievement

Made with meticulous care to every detail The FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE honors the German tradition and the high-end silverware that is sought after by the top four teams. The ball’s silver-colored base is a symbol of the goal, making sure that it is visible in the court while providing the best visibility for both fans and players.

The look is a classic wing in black, complemented by bright edges that reflect Germany’s national colours of red, black and gold. These designs not only honour Germany as the host country, but represent the intensity and passion of the final match.

Revolutionising the Game by introducing Connected ball technology

As a major leap to officiating, FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE can be described as the very first Europe’s UEFA ChampionshipsTM Final official Match Ball to incorporate connected Ball technology. The technology provides live ball information to officials for matches, increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of crucial calls  during the game.

Furthermore, it provides valuable insights into the statistics of play, like ball spin speed, speed and the distance covered. It not only assists referees, but it also enhances viewers’ experience with a deeper involvement and a better understanding of the sport’s complex dynamics.

A Commitment to Excellence and Social Impact

Beyond the technical excellence, &  beyond its technological prowess FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE is a perfect example of Adidas &  their determination to take a social responsibility. A percentage of the balls’ sales will be donated to the “Common Goal”, supporting an initiative which promotes social change and inclusiveness through the game of football. This is a sign of Adidas’s commitment to making an impact for people around the globe.

Elevating the Matchday Experience

Alongside the FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE will be a specifically created matchball plinth that was designed by Berlin-based artists team Gonzales Haase and AAS. The stunning piece of art, made of aluminium anodized in an angular prism form represents unity between all 54 UEFA associations participating during the event and also its participants.

Availability and Excitement

Fans of football and collectors can buy their FUSSBALL LIEBE FINALE The official Match Ball from Adidas retailers  select stores, as well as online. The price is EUR150.
This top of the line football equipment and design is sure to add a touch of class to each game it plays by its appearance.

For more information and to secure your own piece of football history, visit

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