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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Band Rings: Tips for Every Occasion

Band Rings

A band ring is deceptively simple: typically, it features a uniform width and thickness, and it might be made from a single metal such as gold, platinum, silver or titanium. But underneath this apparent simplicity, there are in fact a multitude of possible variations: it can be plain or engraved, it might have decorative patterns or be embellished with gemstones. Band rings can be worn for a variety of reasons, too: from everyday fashion, to promise rings and wedding bands, these small objects of beauty have varied uses and a wide appeal.

Before you start to look around, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for any occasion.

Everyday wear

Whether you’re buying the ring for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to shop for band rings made out of durable but affordable material for everyday use – like the ones you’ll find when you visit Best Brillliance. Stainless steel rings offer great value for money as they are often cheaper than gold or silver. They won’t tarnish or discolor and are almost impossible to scratch. They are easy to clean with soap and water and are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are suitable for people who are sensitive to other materials. Most importantly, they come in a range of designs, from simple and minimalistic to bold and eye-catching. Another band ring material that is good for everyday wear is titanium, but bear in mind that it has a matt finish so it won’t shine as much as gold or silver, and can be trickier to resize.

Band rings for special occasions

If you’re looking for an eternity ring or a wedding band, you may want to stretch to more luxury materials such as gold or platinum. Platinum is a rare and valuable white metal which doesn’t change color over time. Both platinum and gold are considered excellent choices for wedding rings. They are robust enough to be worn every day but still provide a suitable setting for fine gemstones if you prefer a ring with that extra touch of luxury. Even though gemstones are traditionally associated with gemstone rings, they can also enhance the beauty and style of a band ring. Sometimes known as ‘accent gemstones’, they can add color, sparkle and even symbolic meaning to an otherwise minimalist band. For example, a band ring can be enhanced by a birthstone, where each month of the year is associated with a different gemstone. It is also possible to set a row of gemstones in a full circle or just halfway around the band – this is common in ‘half eternity bands’, which often feature diamonds, sapphires and other color gemstones.

A band ring can also be ‘multistone’ which means that it features multiple stones set along the band in various patterns and arrangements. Finally, consider ‘cabochon’ gemstones which are cut to have a smooth, rounded surface without facets. This is particularly suitable for distinctive gemstones such as opal, onyx and moonstone, and can create a contemporary and bold look.

Budgeting tips: how to find best deals

Synthetic diamonds are something to consider if you’re looking to maximise value for money and if a responsibly sourced gemstone is important to you.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are visually identical to their natural counterparts. Physically, optically and chemically they are exactly the same as the diamonds that are mined, but they come with a more affordable price tag and are more ethical as they don’t involve mining. They are not associated with human rights abuses, environmental damage or conflict, which can be the case with mining in certain regions.

Getting the size right

Ring sizing is important because the fit needs to be secure enough to prevent the ring from slipping off, and at the same time comfortable enough to not restrict blood flow in the finger.

A jeweller would typically use a ring sizing chart to determine the required circumference of the band. It is also possible to measure your own finger at home: use a flexible measuring tape, or you can even improvise by wrapping a strip of paper around the finger and marking where it overlaps.

It is possible to have a ring with what is known as ‘comfort fit’, where the interior edge is rounded for more comfortable wear, especially where the band is quite wide.

When sizing for a ring, don’t forget that our fingers are not always the same: they can expand or ‘shrink’ depending on factors such as heat or humidity. The recommended time for measuring for a ring is in the evening.

Shopping for a band ring can be exciting and fun and, if you know what to look out for, it can be a rewarding experience. The last step is to set yourself a budget and then consider purchases only within this pre-decided price bracket, as it can be easy to get carried away with the beauty and elegance of these timeless items of jewellery.

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