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How You Can Anonymously View Instagram Stories And Stay Safe


Today, Instagram’s privacy policy states the need to collect information about all users. The social network is interested in your preferences, geolocation settings, types of devices for accessing the Internet. At the same time, despite the age limit of 13+, there are no age restrictions for registering on the social network. Saving confidential information is regulated by the user independently. At the same time, the social network itself does not provide any opportunity to maintain one’s own anonymity. So the other user will definitely notice that you have viewed his story or unsubscribed from his account. To maintain their own anonymity, the user must use third-party programs and tools that could, for example, allow anonymous viewing of Instagram stories.

So, in order for you to be able to anonymously view stories on Instagram, you need to download a special extension. For example, the Inflact application will allow you not only to download Instagram story, but also give you the opportunity to download the content you like from the accounts of other users (be it a photo or a video).

Apart from Inflact there are several other apps that will allow you to remain anonymous on Instagram.

An application with a memorable and spectacular design. Available in four languages. Opens current and shared stories. Posts can be viewed and downloaded. The principle of operation is the same: you enter a login and get all the information.


Another popular service without registration. Allows you to view and download stories. Additional functionality is available – a bot for cheating views. To secretly view the history of another user, you must enter his nickname in the search bar. Another feature is that you can download the user’s avatar in good quality.

Also, if you have Telegram installed on your smartphone, you can use it and see someone else’s story. A special @IGSpyBot spy bot works for this.

You need to find this bot in the search.

Send him a nickname or a link to a profile of interest.

Then select the “History” section.

Free viewing of only the latest publications. Saved stories will be available after the user subscribes to the premium subscription.

The level of anonymity on Instagram depends on the tasks set: it can be the exchange of personal information or the promotion of a profile. In the first case, the possibility of access to images of unauthorized persons should be disabled, as well as a ban on searching for information by search engines. If you do not immediately set this criterion, then after deleting the profile, texts and photos will remain in free search access.

How to set privacy on Instagram?

All privacy settings are located in the “Privacy” tab. Any changes in the privacy of the account are made only through it. If an Instagram account was created only for the sake of communication, it can be closed from prying eyes. All posts with photos and stories will remain available to approved subscribers. To improve account security, a unique password is generated and two-factor authentication is enabled.

The social network has the right to share information with specific friends or circles, limiting or even disabling comments on publications. By setting filters, the user gets the opportunity to set up protection against spam in comments.

The “Messages” section allows you to block private messages from strangers, and prohibits adding to groups. The mechanism for hiding the current status is also designed for secretive people. It is also important for users that any of their activity is no longer tracked.

If visitors to your account are overly intrusive, you can get rid of them by blocking or activating silent mode. In this case, all unpleasant publications and entries in the feed “disappear”, becoming invisible to the account owner.

Having studied and set all the necessary settings in the “Confidential” tab, you can be sure that your account is protected and no personal information will appear on the Internet.


Although Instagram is the most popular network today, it is rather difficult to call it the most anonymous. However, thanks to the development of third-party applications, you have many opportunities to hide your digital footprint and expand the functionality of the application.

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