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How We Rebranded Pay, For Good


Pay is like coffee. You need it, but you don’t realize how much until you don’t have access to it.

We live in an on-demand world. Yet the way we are paid has not changed since World War II. Somewhere in that time, the lack of the ability for the timing of pay to evolve has cost working Americans tens of billions of dollars in late fees, overdraft fees and payday loan fees. Innovation has been desperately needed in pay.

And that’s where we come in. We created on-demand pay.

DailyPay has changed the people’s relationship with their pay, providing millions of workers from America’s leading employers the transparency to see their pay, as they earn it and the power of choice and control to access their pay as they need it. . With our innovative and proprietary patented technology, millions of people can access their earned income when they want it. This financial flexibility is life-changing. It is good.

pay unbranded

Over the past six years, DailyPay has profoundly impacted many people’s lives in ways we could have never imagined. It has become a daily staple for people who need to pay bills, save for college, fund life-saving medical treatments, and even help pay for relatives to get out of war-torn Ukraine. It has become an empowering financial tool as workers use it everyday to better understand their finances and plan better, richer lives.

So when we sought to evolve the DailyPay brand, we needed to showcase the company’s meteoric growth and the scope of what we were enabling. We knew we had to ensure the messaging was as authentic, inspiring and relatable as the real stories of the millions of people who use DailyPay.

Product Shots

To reflect the impact we’ve had, we focused on leveraging our brand mission: Create the world’s next financial system by rewriting the invisible rules of money. This financial system would help everyone by ensuring that money is always in the right place at the right time.

We partnered with the award-winning creative agency Wolff Olins to further articulate our brand visually and ensure the words we write and speak reflect our promise with a clear and distinctive voice.

We started with choosing a color pallet that is warm, optimistic and speaks to the personalization of pay. Working with their team of world class designers, they created an orange tone complimented by a dark blue exclusive to us to reflect our brand tenets. A secondary color palette enables us to feature illustrations, imagery and other ideas within the foundational visual identity.

To showcase how we literally “flipped the system,” we created an animated coin flip that emanates from a rising sun (or is it money going into a bank? You decide). That same shape can be found in our bespoke font named Horizon, which portrays the optimism and promise of the working Americans who use DailyPay.

We launched the new brand in May 2021, and over the last 10 months we have rolled out a variety of unique elements that have created real differentiation in our industry. The bold look and clear brand promise have resonated with all of our key stakeholders so much so that you can see the DailyPay logo and imagery being used in our clients’ brand ads to attract new talent. We have been able to close more deals while increasing enrollment and activation within existing employer partners.

By year’s end we partnered with over 80% of the Fortune 200 companies that offer on-demand pay. Every second of every day, an American worker was making a DailyPay transfer to gain their financial freedom.


Within a short time DailyPay has enabled over 91% of users to eliminate predatory payday loans and a whopping 97% to avoid any type of overdraft or late fee. Our “Pay Balance”, the net available pay a worker has through DailyPay after a shift, changed the game. In fact, our users check their “Pay Balance” every 8 seconds for visibility into their earnings.  The impact it has had on the workforce was recognized in the most influential media outlets as Time Magazine included DailyPay’s Pay Balance in their “Best Inventions of 2021” issue. Validation, relationships and insights are all priority outcomes driven by our strategic framework.

The consistent feedback we’ve received from our channel and marketplace partners, our employer partners and their employees continues to empower the evolution of our brand. Our brand exists for the purpose of change and that extraordinary change can be seen in the lives of these workers and the companies they work for that we serve.

In a time of unprecedented change in the way people think about their work and the resulting impact on the companies who employ them, pay is the foundation that strengthens their relationships.

DailyPay re-architected and rebranded pay for good. And is proving boldly that we are indeed changing the world…one payment at a time.

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By Paul Beck - VP, the DailyPay Studio
By Paul Beck – VP, the DailyPay Studio

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