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How To Use GetDealRX Coupons To Save On Your Healthcare Prescriptions

How To Use GetDealRX Coupons To Save On Your Healthcare Prescriptions

When most people go to collect their prescription, they tend to provide their health insurance card with the belief that they’re getting the best price possible. However, you could be saving more by using an RX savings card.

Our post covers what an RX savings card is and how you can start saving money every time you go to pick up a prescription instead of giving your health insurance card.

How Does GetDealRX Work?

The GetDealRX website allows you to find and compare different prices for various medications. As a result, you’re able to compare the prices and find the lowest one for the prescription that you’re after.

The site is super simple to use as all you need to do is type in the medication that you need and you’ll be provided with a list where there are different prices available.

When you’ve taken a look at the various options, you can have a coupon code sent to your phone. Alternatively, you can print out the coupon code. Either method makes it easy to receive your prescribed medication as you just need to present the code to your pharmacy when you go to collect.

It’s recommended to enter precise information about your medication that includes the dosage, type, and quantity. This is to ensure that the site can provide you with the best possible results.

In addition to this, entering your ZIP code will make it much easier for you to see which pharmacies provide the lowest price for your medication that’s compatible with the savings coupon.

How To Sign Up to GetDealRX

If you want to benefit from the GetDealRX savings, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s super easy to get started. There’s no sign-up process, which means you don’t need to sign up with a phone number, email, or any other personal information. Instead, you simply go to the website and search for the drug that you want.

How Many Pharmacies Accept RX Savings Cards?

Currently, there are over 70,000 pharmacies in the US that accept RX savings coupons. These include some large pharmacy chains, such as Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and more.

When you’re searching for your prescribed medication, you can see which pharmacies let you use the coupon for savings.

GetDealRX Savings

Many people can benefit from using RX savings due to how they enable you to find discounts on a lot of popular prescribed drugs. These include drugs like Prednisone, Atorvastatin, Levothyroxine, and more.

In addition to this, you can even find prescribed medications with GetDealRX that are free. In order to make the most out of the savings, it’s best to provide your pharmacist with a brand new coupon code every time.

This will ensure that you’re always able to take advantage of the latest lowest price each time you go to refill a prescription. Having said that, you can also continue to use the same coupon code repeatedly if you find it more convenient.

Rx Coupons & Your Insurance

You can’t combine RX coupons with the health insurance that you have. Instead, you can compare the prices that you get with your health insurance with the prices that GetDealRX has to offer and see which one provides the most savings.

When you go use your RX coupon code in the pharmacy, be sure to ask your pharmacist to run the coupon code as a cash transaction. It’s also important to let them know that you don’t want your prescription to be run via your health insurance to prevent complications when it comes to savings.


After reading this post, we hope that you’re able to make a better decision about whether using the GetDealRX saving coupons are right for you.

You can always use the site for free, with no sign-up, and simply compare the prices available on the site compared to what you’re paying with your current healthcare insurance provider.

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