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How to trade Bitcoins on GMOTrading

With cryptocurrencies gaining popularity every day, online investors are looking for better strategies in order to trade these extremely volatile assets. Because of their volatility, assets such as Bitcoin create opportunities for potentially profitable hourly, daily, weekly or longer-term investments. GMOTrading gives you the ability to try different Bitcoin trading strategies so that you can find the style that fits you best.

Finding the right strategy for you

Bitcoin is an asset that is extremely unpredictable. Even if its price has stopped fluctuating limitlessly like in the past, its value can still drastically change in just a matter of hours. This is why there is no perfect strategy for trading Bitcoins. The best approach is to go with a trading style that fits the amount of time and budget you can invest for this type of activity.

How much time can you invest on Bitcoin trading?

Although for many traders the preferred way of investing on Bitcoin is day trading, it does not mean that this asset is not suitable for longer-term deals. Momentum seeking traders can invest on Bitcoin swing trades, holding the asset for days or even weeks. There are also those that buy and hold their bitcoins for longer periods, investing on the fact that there are just that many available Bitcoins and future demand can potentially lead to a value increase.

As an investment, should I trade stock or cryptocurrencies?

Both these types of financial instruments come with risks and opportunities. Their prices can easily increase and generate profit for the investor, but they can also plummet and lead to capital losses. Traders do well to rely on analysis before an investment.While for cryptocurrencies, technical analysis seems to be the type that works for many investors, for stocks, traders often prefer to look at both technical as well as fundamental analysis.

In terms of investing, there is no reason why traders should not explore having both types of assets in their investment portfolio. GMOTrading has a wide variety of assets both for stock trading as well as cryptocurrency trading. This makes it easy to combine stocks such as Facebook and Apple with cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

MetaTrader 4 – Easily trade cryptocurrencies, stocks and other financial assets

GMOTrading account holders have the ability to use not one, but three powerful trading platforms. You can trade using the browser version, the software or the mobile app. With MT4 you will have a great variety of information to execute technical analysis for Bitcoin. With just a few clicks, you will get access to detailed Bitcoin charts and you will be able to read the historical data of the cryptocurrency.

Would you like to try real time trading on stocks, crypto assets, forex and CFDs?

Test your trading skills using GMOTrading’s demo account. By registering at GMOTrading, you willget €10,000 in your demo account. Using every version of MetaTrader 4, you will be able to test different onlinetrading styles and investment strategies.

Information above cannot be considered as an investment advice and past results do not indicate future performance.

**Investors should have experience and understand the risks of losing all the initial investment.

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