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How to Keep Home Burglars at Bay This Holiday

How to Keep Home Burglars at Bay This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of year most people look forward to. During this time of year, thieves get bolder when it comes to what they will try to steal. Most burglars realize that people are out of town a lot during this time of year. If you are planning a holiday getaway with your family, then now is the time to secure your home properly.

Leaving your home vulnerable can result in burglars getting into your residence and wreaking havoc. This is why working with a locksmith and investing in state-of-the-art security equipment is so important. The following are some things you can do to keep burglars at bay this holiday season.

Replace Your Exterior Door Locks

On average, home burglaries increase by over 18% during the holiday season. When trying to avoid a home burglary, you have to be willing to work hard to find and fix security problems. Inspecting the various door locks in your home is a good idea. If these locks are prone to sticking or malfunctioning, replacing them is a good idea.

If you have just moved into a new home, then replacing your door locks is a must. By doing this, you can avoid losing sleep at night thinking about how many people have keys to your existing locks. An experienced locksmith will be able to get new door locks installed quickly. If you attempt to handle this lock replacement job on your own, it will result in lots of mistakes being made. These mistakes can affect how secure your home is. This is why hiring an experienced locksmith is your best course of action.

Put Your Outdoor Lights on a Timer

Going out of town during the holidays is something millions of Americans do annually. Ideally, you want your home to look like it is occupied even if you are away. One of the best ways to give the illusion people are home even when they are not is by using exterior lighting. Having things like motion-sensor floodlights in place can help you illuminate your home’s exterior.

Getting a timer to put your exterior lights on is crucial when trying to keep burglars out of your home. If these lights come on at the same time every day, the burglar casing your home will think people are inside. This means they will avoid trying to break into your residence.

How to Keep Home Burglars at Bay This Holiday Season

Don’t Reveal Your Every Move on Social Media

Most people have profiles on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While these sites are great for connecting with friends and family members, it can also provide burglars with information about your whereabouts.

If you are posting about how you are away from home for a few days, a person with a desire to rob your home may view this as a sign to take action. Rather than putting your whereabouts on social media, avoid posting about your trips until after you have returned. By doing this, you can avoid having your home burglarized this holiday season. You also need to think about turning off location tagging on your social media posts. Adjusting these settings can help you keep your location a well-guarded secret.

Putting These Tips to Work

Using the information in this article can help you secure your home properly. With the help of a knowledgeable locksmith, you can fix any security problems your residence may have. A locksmith can also provide you with guidance regarding the type of new security equipment to invest in.

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