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How to Become a RoboForex Partner: Revolutionary Features of the Infinity Program


In today’s competitive financial trading landscape, forming the right and trusted partner can significantly enhance your earning potential. With RoboForex’s Infinity Partner Program partners have an exceptional opportunity to capitalise on the trading activities of their referred clients. Let’s explore how RoboForex’s Infinity Program is designed to maximise the benefits for its partners.

Understanding the Infinity partner program

The Infinity Partner Program is RoboForex’s flagship initiative, designed to offer unparalleled advantages to its partners. This program is not merely a continuation of traditional partnership models; it is a comprehensive upgrade that includes significant enhancements in commission structures and earning potentials.

Enhanced commission structure: In a major shift from the typical percentage-based commission model, the Infinity Program offers commissions based on the spread, which can be up to 85% of the spread amount. This setup is significantly more transparent and potentially more lucrative, as it directly correlates earnings with the market’s activity levels.

Earnings from swaps: A standout feature of the Infinity Program is the ability to earn from swaps. Partners receive 20% of the swap fees on open positions overnight. This means partners benefit from both the volume and duration of the trades their referred clients make, adding a layer of earnings that reward long-term trading strategies.

How to become a RoboForex partner

Step 1: Sign up for the program

To join the Infinity Program, prospective partners need to register through RoboForex’s Members Area. Then pass verification and open Partner account.

Step 2: Access marketing and promotional tools

After registering an account, partners gain access to a suite of marketing tools and resources. These include banners, links, informers and other promotional materials, all designed to help partners attract and retain a robust client base.

Step 3: Attract clients to the broker

To attract clients, a partner can leverage its dedicated websites, social media channels, blogs, or other communication methods to offer valuable and sought-after content to the target audience. This can include explaining the benefits of trading with a particular broker, providing educational resources, or offering trading signals. There are no limits to using your imagination to create effective marketing and user acquisition campaigns. The more clients you attract and the greater their trading volume, the higher the partner payouts you will receive.

Use of partner сalculator: The Infinity Program also features an innovative Partner Calculator, enabling partners to estimate potential earnings based on different trading instruments and volumes. This predictive tool is invaluable for strategic planning and maximising earnings from both spreads and swaps.

Adapting strategies for greater earnings: Partners are encouraged to adapt their strategies to take advantage of the program’s dual commission model. Focusing on attracting clients who engage in both high-volume trading and long-term positions can significantly increase the commissions from spreads and swaps.

Become a RoboForex Partner


Joining RoboForex’s Infinity Partner Program offers a unique opportunity to engage with a progressive commission model in the dynamic world of financial trading. The Infinity Program is designed to provide maximum profitability and support to its partners. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or looking to expand your earnings potential, RoboForex provides all the tools, support, and opportunities you need to succeed.

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