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RoboForex Introduces the Infinity Program: Revolutionising Partnership and Affiliate Marketing in Financial Trading

RoboForex Introduces the Infinity Program

RoboForex, a company that offers brokerage services in financial markets, announced the launch of its innovative Infinity Program, marking a significant evolution of its existing Partner Programs. Infinity provides partners with payouts of up to 85% of the average spread from clients’ closed positions and enables them to earn 20% from daily swaps on client open positions. This initiative aims to expand and incentiviseRoboForex’s partner network, providing a well-structured opportunity to maximise profits and expand the business.

Infinity is designed as a comprehensive and highly competitive partner program, with a unique dual-layered approach to partner payouts. It combines a traditional approach with payouts of up to 85% of the average spread for the clients’ closed positions, and adds 20% commission from swaps daily for the opened positions.

According to average estimates, the Infinity Program is expected to increase commissions for partners up to 5.4 times compared to the previous VIP Partner Program. Starting from 5 February 2024, the Infinity Program is automatically available for all newly registered partners.

The Infinity Program also significantly shifts from the traditional percentage-based revenue share to a fixed commission amount model. This change aims to provide greater clarity and predictability in earnings, with examples illustrating diverse and lucrative opportunities available under the program. This fixed commission model represents a more transparent and direct approach to commissions, aligning with the program’s emphasis on clarity and partner benefits.

Another noteworthy feature of the Infinity Program is its innovative approach to swap commissions. Partners receive a generous 20% daily commission on swaps from opened positions of their referred clients, providing a steady and transparent everyday source of income.

Below is a summarised table representing some of the payout details:

Instrument Payout from Spread, per lot Payout from Swap, per lot
GBPUSD 9.3 USD (increased by 43%) up to 1.26 USD
XAUUSD 8.8 USD (increased by 10%) up to 5.80 USD
EURUSD 8.8 USD (increased by 35%) up to 1.92 USD
USDJPY 8.3 USD (increased by 35%) up to 4.83 USD
USTechCash 1.19 USD (increased by 83%) up to 0.70 USD
DE40Cash 0.6 USD (increased by 445%) up to 0.68 USD

The Infinity Program also includes a robust sub-partner commission structure, maintaining a 10% of commission earned by sub-partners. For more information about the Infinity Program, please visit the corresponding webpage.

About RoboForex

RoboForex is a company that delivers brokerage services, providing traders in financial markets with access to its proprietary trading platforms. RoboForex Ltd operates under brokerage licence FSC 000138/7. View more detailed information about the Company’s products and activities on the official website

Contacts for media:

Timofey Zuev, PR Manager at RoboForex


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