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How Schools can be More Eco-friendly?


Many people now more concerned about the environment than ever before. From buying sustainable products to making our offices and homes as eco-friendly as possible, many of us are taking all the steps we can to go green. This environmentally-friendly journey starts at school as this is where children learn the importance of looking after the environment.

There’s a lot that teachers and school leaders can do to make their classrooms and indeed the whole school campus greener. From planting more trees to switching to solar panels for electricity, the options are endless! In this post, we’ll outline some easy and effective tips for making your school a greener place that encourages your students to become eco-conscious individuals. Let’s take a look.

Go Plastic Free

Create a plastic-free club to teach your students about the many benefits of using paper bags, reusable bottles and containers, and other alternatives to plastic. The vast majority of students in your school are probably using plastic water bottles and other single-use plastics. Encourage them to switch to reusable bottles and use tiffin boxes made of metal instead of plastic. Steel tiffin boxes are environment-friendly, safe, and non-toxic.

Install Solar Panels

This may seem like a big investment, but solar panels will pay for themselves over time. It’s true that the initial outlay costs of installing solar panels is significant. However, this energy-efficient system can save you tons of money on utility bills in the long run. Additionally, most school buildings have flat roofs, making them perfect for solar panels, so you probably won’t need to make any big changes to your building.

Use Eco-friendly Products for Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to start the transformation to a green school is by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Check the label of each detergent you use in your school to ensure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your facilities as well as the environment.

Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that not only damage your property but may be damaging to children’s health. Instead, opt for natural cleaning products that are made of 100% organic products and free of chemicals. These eco-friendly cleaning solutions will make your school a healthy and safe place for your students.

Build a Garden on Your Campus

Your students will love participating in eco-friendly activities where they can learn new things. For example, creating a garden on the campus is a great idea to teach students how to grow food. Set aside a small corner of your grounds and plant some vegetable seeds. Have your students water the seeds daily and check their growth progress. You can also have the children choose the best place to grow each crop by assessing the soil type and amount of direct sunlight.

Encourage Biking and Walking

There’s no reason why kids who live near school should take a bus to school every day. These students should walk instead or ride a bike. Not only will it help to reduce air pollution and lower green house gas emissions, but walking and biking will keep children healthy.

You should encourage your students to try biking or walking to school at the beginning of the year. There’s a good chance they will stick to this mode of transportation for the rest of the year, as it is a fun and exciting way to come to school every day.

Re-Use Last Year’s Supplies

You’d be surprised to see the amount of coloured pencils, paper, and other school items thrown in the bin each year. These products are reusable and recyclable. So, why not start a campaign that asks students to re-use their last year’s supplies or donate them to the needy? You can also ask parents to bring in the pencils, books, uniforms, and other school supplies that their children no longer need.

Go Digital

Schools have embraced the digital trend to reduce their carbon footprint. Going digital has many perks, in addition to making your school eco-friendly. For starters, it saves you on stationery costs for loads of paper for attendance, students’ report cards, and assignments.

You can switch to using attendance software and automated applications for assignments, calendars, and report cards. These tools are easier to manage, and they also make your school more eco-friendly. Take inspiration from leading environmental schools to see what digital trends they have adopted to make their institutions safer and more sustainable.

Educate Children and Parents about Sustainability

If you want to transform your school into a zero-waste campus, start by educating children about the importance of sustainability. Tell them how a green and environment-friendly school can make the world a healthier place for everyone. Create eco clubs, run sustainability drives, and conduct parent-teacher meetings regularly to discuss the importance of a green environment.

There are countless ways you can make your school an eco-friendly place. You can grow indoor plants, use recyclable materials, and reuse products in creative ways, and your students will have plenty of fun along the way!

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